When do you expect to see the "green shoots" of life in the UK property market?

  1. 1 year

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  2. 2 years

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  3. 3 years

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  4. 4 years

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  5. 5 to 10 years

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  6. 10 years plus

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  7. Not sure

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When do you expect to see the "green shoots" of life in the UK property market?

Discussion in 'UK Property' started by Nicholas Wallwork, Feb 21, 2009.

  1. Nicholas Wallwork

    Nicholas Wallwork Editor-in-Chief Staff Member Premium Member

    When do you expect to see the "green shoots" of life in the UK property market?

    This is a question which is dominating the financial press with some predicting an upturn in 12 months and others looking for ten years plus!

    When do you think the UK property market will start to recover?
  2. Len Garnett

    Len Garnett New Member

  3. web2dude

    web2dude New Member

    The end of 2012 at this rate. I don't think a lot of people realise how problematic the economy is in. We're talking in the billions and into trillions, rather than millions and tens of millions!
  4. frankwoodford

    frankwoodford New Member

    I think it will be 3-4 years before we see a big change, I think the housing market will liekly recover a little quicker than some other sectors but I am not sure if it will ever be 100% the same again after all the mortgage problems.
  5. ComRoute

    ComRoute New Member

    There are significant signs that the market is already in recovery
  6. Sole Dubai

    Sole Dubai New Member

    Rental market 'is stabilising'

    [​IMG] The number of new properties available to let nearly halved during May in a further sign that the rental market is stabilising, research showed.

    Only 34,088 new rental homes were put on to the market during the month, down from 62,765 in April - the highest figure for nearly 18 months, according to website EasyRoommate.com.

    The group attributed the steep fall in people looking to rent out their homes to the recent pick up in the housing market, which is leading to fewer so-called accidental landlords being forced to let their property because they cannot sell it.

    The figures add to growing evidence that conditions in the rental market are beginning to improve after a glut of rental properties coming on to the market during the past year had forced down average rents.

    Other letting surveys have also recently reported falling levels of supply, while the rate at which rents had been falling appears to have stabilised and in some cases rents are even rising again.

    But EasyRoommate.com said the number of people looking to take in a lodger was continuing to increase, as hard-pressed homeowners looked for extra ways to raise cash.

    At the same time, the average rent being charged by live-in landlords has also risen by 8.1% since the beginning of the year to £400 a month in May.

    Jonathan Moore, UK and Ireland country manager of EasyRoommate.com, said: "What we're hopefully seeing is a semblance of normality returning to the rental market as many homeowners who saw rental as a last chance saloon, are now more confident that they can find a buyer if they put their properties back on the market.

    "In the second half of this year we would expect to see depressed average rental prices start to rise as the supply-demand balance begins to level out.

    Sole Dubai - Learning is discovering that something is possible...
  7. jonwell

    jonwell New Member


    i would like to say that the only green shoots we going to see is WEED and nothing else. prices will have to fall by another 25-30% and that's not going to be hard.

    when payrolls are being cut and private sector being told to take pay freeze this is a wake up call to united kingdom that we are no longer in a european market we are now in a global market. we can not compete with the world with high wages. so if were not going to have high wages for the next several years and as u.k tax will be at it highest to pay off borrowed debt and a cut back on public sector workers how can prices go up.

    if i was looking to buy i would stop renting is the best form at this moment of time 12 months max on contract and see what happens.

    what i see is life getting tough and tough and we will see the streeets of u.k in total bloodshed as law and order breaks down.

    it will be madness out there as people start to dump properties.

    ok we .5% base rate but as inflation starts to increase very rapidly as the governments quantitive esasing comes into play the inflation could reach double digits and forcing the bank of england to raise rates over 7% which is way less as normal.

    we got a way with the pound not falling against other major currencies except euro where we got battered, but when other economies pick up our pound will suffer and that will also raise interest rates.

    many lender won't even look at the banks base rate they will look at libor rate as this will be the true rate of borrowing and if you all remember while the b.o.e was reducing their rates the libor was still going up it's only after several months it's come down,
    so please there are no green shoots only green weeds.
    hey thanks for letting me post here...cheers
  8. nightmare

    nightmare New Member

    I think its going to be some time before the quantative easing takes hold and interest rates will therefore stay at an all time low for atleast another year. With the euro rate being as it is i think that there are many factors that mean that property wont crash for some time. Hopefully by the time interest rates are increased the job market will also improve and thus hopefully no crash - although i doubt there will be any price rises for many years.
  9. tmash

    tmash New Member


    Recovery is underway..check latest property index for December 2009.
  10. Shane Australia

    Shane Australia New Member

    what do people think of the effect the Olympics will have?
  11. tmash

    tmash New Member

    The Olympics in 2012 will definitely have a huge economic impact across London however the economy will be out of recession by then. I think London property market will perform very well in 2012.
  12. johnwww

    johnwww New Member

    I answered 2 years. But I am not sure

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    Last edited: Apr 6, 2010
  13. JamesRoberts

    JamesRoberts New Member

    This largely depends on the definition of "green shoots" initially! The media in general seem to be under constant conflict as to what is actually happening, reporting minor short lived price rises as a recovery one minute, only to report later that the number of sales is dropping. The reality is that there is profit to be made, even in a poor market. As one poster mentioned, some buyers are having a field day right now, so arguably the recovery is flourishing for them already.

    Overall, i doubt we will actually see "green shoots" that anyone will remember the next time a recession hits. Generally, most investment cycles are only remembered for the boom and bust periods, rarely the pivotal turning points. If they were, we would see far less boom and bust because the average investor would have far more of a handle on the whole process (as would the government and regulators come to that!)

    Profit and gains are still out there, they are just a lot harder to find than they were. Choose carefully and your own green shoots will appear for you and hopefully flourish.
  14. Catherine4u

    Catherine4u New Member

    No doubt UK's property market has shown an upward trend during the last week. We all know that the real estate market is cyclic. There will be bullish trends followed by less bearish trends. They will eventually lead the market towards improvement but I feel it will take 2 years from now to get in a good shape.
  15. punitalemon

    punitalemon New Member

    Market is in recovery.But iy is very dificult to
    estimate that how much time it will take.
    due to current situation it can be estimated as 2-3 year.
    Punita Lemon
  16. London_property

    London_property New Member

    In terms of seeing a big green light in the market across the UK? We're back in 1979 IMO - so I'm voting 4-5 years.
  17. shari1234

    shari1234 New Member

    Should be green by 2-3 years.
  18. Joe Williams

    Joe Williams New Member

    Green Shoots in Muddy Water

    It's now mid 2010 and I think its safe to say there has been much improvement and green shoots have started every where. The problem is that those shoots have grown in muddy water and unless you want to build a house boat amongst those shoots your in for a rough ride. The economy as it is looks like it will see any green shoots wither.
  19. AMSNZ

    AMSNZ New Member

    With no real direction to point to for the UK's (and Europe's) recovery I cannot see the housing market recovering any time soon. I fear there is more pain to come yet.
  20. Kevin Dickins

    Kevin Dickins New Member

    I think land registry data showing price increases nationwide of 6.2% in the last 12 months is officially 'green shoots' Unlikely that we'll see the grass growing very quickly though.

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