What's the interest rate in Brazilian Banks?

Discussion in 'Brazil Property' started by british_saver, Jan 16, 2011.

  1. mediasoft78

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    brazil interest rates

    we just struggled and finally opened company account here at ITAU (you should know it's not so easy here in Brazil you need braziian to be an administrator of the company) we're in Brazil now and we can get 12.5 % per year SO putting 2 Millions R$ after tacxation (12-24 months is 17% taxes which they deduct along the monthly payments of interest rates ) so that is nice interest rate better but in case anytthing goes wrong banks guarantee 80000 R$ only - seems anyway brazil cannot afford argentina or 1990 inflation and crach scenery when it had cruzeiro in the past so feel free to contact us we can arrange it all promptly

    our skype id is (not allowed)

  2. JMBroad

    JMBroad New Member

    You don't need a Brazilian to be the administrator you need a resident in Brazil to be the administrator - regardless of nationality
  3. mediasoft78

    mediasoft78 New Member

    you can definitely get 15% on 2 Millions Reais we can assure you that - you can deal face to face here personally and you usually get what you want here with that ammount of money is not a problem ;-)
  4. mediasoft78

    mediasoft78 New Member

    visa in brazi

    if u have 2500 USD $ pension per month you can proove that you can ge visa in brazil if you're retired

    warm regards

  5. debzor

    debzor New Member

    Actually I think it is USD 2000 per month from a government scheme (not private pension), plus you now have to be over 60.
  6. penelopy

    penelopy New Member

    Wow,that sounds amazing.But how do you get what you want?
  7. mediasoft78

    mediasoft78 New Member

    brazil interest rates

    you just put the money into the bank account - thats all you need to do to get what you want

  8. penelopy

    penelopy New Member

    I doubt it`s that`s simple as everybody would be doing it.
  9. mediasoft78

    mediasoft78 New Member

    brazil interest rates

    off course it's not easy you need to invest something before that's clear nobody told it's simple -you need Bank account in Brazil and once you manage to get that than it's simple from that point onwards - surely you need to take some risks opening a bank accoun in brazil since you need brazilian person or resident in brazil you can really trust until the moment you get visa - this is company bank account i'm talking about - once you get visa and perm residency in Brazil that you can open personal account as well and put money as well - but it's true they give he highest interest rates in the world i think so people not knowing that don't do that as you mentioned before - we know now and find out money makes money so why having money in UK (like UK guy told) and getting 2-3 % on the year while here you can certainly get 10%-15% at lowest ?

  10. penelopy

    penelopy New Member

    Sounds a load of hype.Are you an agent ??
  11. penelopy

    penelopy New Member

    why would somebody pay 800 reais per mth.That`s a lot...bang goes the so interest!!!!
  12. penelopy

    penelopy New Member

    the secret is being Brazilian.It`s easy for you...What do you work as?
  13. eraizel

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    I'm a lawyer and I work doing the legal work for foreigners in Brazil. I just noticed how they were doing money and I'm copying it. LOL
  14. Bleeeh

    Bleeeh New Member

    Tell me more about that, I'm interested to know.
    I cannot PM unfortunately.
  15. mitico67

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    Opening a bank account in Brazil it's difficult but not impossible even without a permanent visa.

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