What was the best advice you ever received about property investment?

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The world of property investment is a kaleidoscope of characters, personalities and different strategies. We all have our favourite properties, favourite sectors and sometimes it can be difficult to spread our wings to take in the whole property market. Along the way you will receive advice from friends, family and acquaintances about investing in property.

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It is often easier to take a profit than it is to take a loss. However, in order to ensure you are doing the right thing ask yourself, would you buy this property today?. If the answer is no then you know what to do.

Avi Vaknin

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As I got a piece of knowledge is true that first, we should ensure property facts.


When looking to negotiate the best price, would you be willing to lose out on the property for just a few thousand pounds? Negotiating is all good and well, but if you take a long-term view on your investment, the upside will likely be significantly more than the downside.

Ava Shelton

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Always check the location and the real value of the property before investing in any particular property only then you can get assured that whether you are going to get good profits from the invested property or you will have to face the losses. It always takes some time to get some profit out of your investment, so you need to be patient and calm.


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Be aware of so called "glass ceilings" in certain areas of the country where the maximum market price is general fixed no matter how much you invest in renovations, etc.


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I have check the best location and the real value of the property investing in Thailand


High rental yields are very useful in the good and the bad economic times. Cashflow should never be underestimated.


Cash flow is King - once cash flow dries up it can bring your whole empire crashing down.