What kind of home security systems do you have in place?



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If you talk to your parents the likelihood is that in their childhood there was no need for home security, friends and family left doors open, walked in and out of each other's properties and there were no issues. However, the situation is very different today and crime in many areas of the world continues to rise especially theft from properties.

Do you have any home security systems in place for your property? Is this something you have ever thought about?


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From out side the home we can take the help of some kind of fencing security to protected some surrounding area of our property.


I don't have anything security related in my BTL properties but in my residential we do have some IP cameras, initially installed to keep an eye on what out cat got up to while we are away but also works well to monitor the comings and goings of pet sitters who visit during our holidays / weekends away.

A number of neighbours have recently had external alarm boxes fitted but its quite well know that there is a certain company who are employed to install these for people, who install "dummy" alarms to make people think they have alarms. To me, this is silly because everyone knows they aren't the real thing.