What is the most profitable buy-to-sell project?


Gary Edge

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I am an experienced UK property developer focusing on buying houses and converting them into HMO's. I then let the properties as a landlord. I would like to move in to buying, developing and selling property alongside my current HMO strategy. I would appreciate some guidance on what is the most profitable out of the following possibilities; sub-division of a building into a number of flats; new-builds or renovating a single house or flat including adding a loft conversion and/or extension? What makes a developer go for a particular project over another? It has been suggested to choose a development strategy and stick to it consequently becoming a specialist in that field. Again when choosing the strategy what factors are to be considered? Any experience shared would be much appreciated.
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I think you need to have a genuine interest in your property strategy first of all. There is no point going into newbuilds if you would rather redevelop the existing properties into flats, as one example. The problem with renovating existing properties is that you never quite know what is behind the wall, the floor or above the ceiling. A lot of your decision-making will come down to the potential profit margin for each strategy.


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