What is the current best overseas investment for rental returns?



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Panama Aparthotels

I was sent an info pack on hotel room investment in Panama. $65K gets you a studio, $100K a 1 bed apartment. Growth approx 20% / yr at the mo, 70% of room rental paid to the investor (although no gt'd yield - predicted 15%+) and obviously capital growth on top. 30% dep (£10K approx) for a studio and the rest with a mortgage seems a pretty good deal. No CGT for 20yrs also.

Anybody ventured out that far?
I have seen this investment too, and like it very much (can tell it´s the same because you have quoted much of what´s in the brochure). Panachuk quotes very high occupancy rates, but that is for Panama City. This project is a "touristic" government scheme (like Jardin de Fleur on Saidia, except with bank guarantees!) which should generate 70% occupancy.

The (marketing) figures you quote are based on 60% occupancy. If 70% was maintained, the return to what is physically invested is 18.50% in year 1, rising to 22% by year 7. Initial (only) investment required is about $110.000 and the maintenance fees, service charges and other assorted costs are taken out before calculating the ROI. You can still make a little money on occupancy as low as 41%.

There is no income tax (on this project) in Panama for 15 years and no property taxes for 20 years, although there is CGT at 10% (as a private, individual investor) rising to 27% if the Government think you are a "real estate trader". Because of these benefits, it could make a lot of sense getting involved in a project such as this rather than the city condos.

Let me know if you want more info.



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U.s. Btl

With recent repos and low owner occupancy its possible to get rental returns in parts of U.S. in excess of 30%. If rental return is what you are after I am not aware of any better deals. However, dont expect a great deal in CG its currently around 7%.


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10.70% Guaranteed - but not for long


There is a client who needs to pull out of two 2 bedroom apartments and a 2 bedroom villa (Star Island) at Punta Perla. The developer is doing this for a favour, and in order to facilitate a fast deal, has offered 10.70% guaranteed rental for 10 years. Developers mortgages are available, but you need to put down almost 50% of the purchase price.

2 bed apartments $425.000

2 bed villa $1.100.000

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Before anyone even considers putting money into Punta Perla (construction not even started yet) they should check out the very long thread on singingpig.

dale nelson

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Has anyone seen The St Lucia wetalns and Game reserves in South Africa

Hi All.

As there doesnt seem to be much exposure for South Africa, do an internet search on St Lucia in South Africa and Cape Vidal. Also chech out a place called Ponta Da Ouros in Mozambique.All round fishing destinations close to the Kruger Ntaional Park Game Reserves.Did you know Tiger Woods had his honeymoon there.Richard Branson has a house here. A very underrated investment area. You can still get a 3 bedroom property walking distance from the beach for less than 1 million rand which is about 50000 pound or 100000 dollars. Land is about 25 pounds a square metre. Rentals for a 3 bedroom are about 200 pounds a week and there is sometimes a waiting list for a year to plan your holiday.There loads of opportunity.

Hope this interests you.



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we recently purchased a fraction of a hotel at barbados. the return and growth suggested are very health. we did some research about the area and this seems to be the best place to invest right now. the resort we invested in is called the Cliff resort and residences, in Barbados.



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New Zealand Investment Property.

In New Zealand we are currently finding Investment properties as follow:

In the main Cities like Auckland, wellington and Christchurch:

Residential properties with land (not apartments) 7% - 10% gross yield and add value opportunities.

Apartments: 9%-12+% gross yield.

Commercial properties: 8% - 11% NET returns.

In the smaller towns we find residential properties 8% - 11%

Vacancies are low do to most tenancies are structured with 12 month tenancy and the Commercial property we find usually have a minimum 4 - 10 years leases.
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As for me the best oversea investment for rental returns...:D


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I think Canada is best option for you rest of thing depend on your investment rate.


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Funny question. I still believe London is the best place to invest in.
Paris is def not my fav for rental investment, the ratio in Berlin is very low too. You must consider as well the legal situation when buying overseas. Avoiding countries where renters are too much protected is a first step.