What is the best way to invest 1million pounds in to property?



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Hi, I am new to property investment and have recently inherited some money. I am looking to invest 1million pounds into property but not sure which route to take. I want to get in to buy-to-let properties in particular student property. Would it be best to buy a few houses outright with no mortgages or buy more properties and put 150k down on each? I apologise if this is a stupid question, but as I say I'm new to this so just want some sound advice.
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Uk Property is safe and secure. Residential property has ALWAYS outperformed Commercial Property and Stocks and Shares over a longer investment period. Edinburgh for example, has an average growth rate of 7% per annum over the last 40 years. Always ensure you seek good advice from firms with long and established track records whom others can recommend from past experience. Your goals should be: Location - seek prime city centre location to ensure high occupancy. Traditional Property - this always performs better especially against new build. Price - seek value for your investment without compromise on the other 2 points. Experience - use experts in their field who are focused on the investment, not just on selling you a property. This is a great time to invest, just ensure the investment works best for you and you are comfortable with it.