what is master community service charges

Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by Kind, Oct 2, 2012.

  1. Kind

    Kind New Member

    I have already paid service charges to Nakheel in June which was around AED3700plus but I have received another invoice from Nakheel asking to pay AED700 plus against master community service charges . Anyone has received such request ?
  2. BobbytheBuilder

    BobbytheBuilder New Member

    HI Kind, Just got up and checked my emails and got a very nasty email from Nakheel. I also paid my service charge payments in July, 4700AED and have just got another invoice for 3500AED. This cant be right.
  3. BobbytheBuilder

    BobbytheBuilder New Member

    The 3500AED is a Building Service Charge, so now we have to pay a Service Charge + Building Service Charge + Master Community Service Charge.
  4. Kind

    Kind New Member

    i am also confused. i just receive following :
    Date : 13 October 2012
    Subject : Building Service Invoice for Year 2012/13
    Project : International City Spain Cluster - Association

    Dear Owner,

    Please find the enclosed RERA approved Building Service Charge Invoice (attached) that pertains to your unit share in the building common areas for the Financial Year. 01-04-2012 till 31-03-2013

    Following the year 2011/2012 audit, any surplus / deficit will be adjusted in the year 2012/2013 Service Charge.

    Please note that to improve the collection status of the building funds and to ease your financial burden on paying the service charges we are invoicing the service charges for FY 2012-2013 in two instalments.

    01-04-2012 to 31-12-2012 (April to December)

    01-01-2013 to 31-03-2013 (January to March)

    The attached invoice is your 1st instalment of the service charges starting from April 2012 to December 2012 whilst the second instalment invoice starting January 2013 to March 2013 will be sent in December 2012.

    The components of the Building Service Charge are:

    1 Operational Fund / General Fund
    Covers expenditure required for the daily general maintenance to building’s common areas such as plant/s equipment, electrical, plumbing, lift/s, security, cleaning, insurance premiums, auditors’ fee, management fee, utilities, miscellaneous expenses and etc.

    2 Reserved Fund
    Reserved and kept to be used to meet future long-term major maintenance and capital expenditure and/ or requirement in your building’s common areas such as painting, roof repair/ replacement, lift and foyer refurbishment, replacement of plants, equipment, and etc.

    As you are aware, the payment of The Service Charge on time is a legal commitment on the owner’s side. Hence, we request you to make your payment towards the attached invoice no later than the due date mentioned in the invoice (payment instructions attached).

    Payments received after the due date will result in a late payment fee of 1% per month.

    Should you require any further information please do not hesitate to email us at [email protected] or call us on +971 4 3903333.

    Thank you.

    First instalment cover only December 2012 is above AED3000 plus.
    due date is urgent.
    In addition to it I have yet to pay master community service charges.

    I am in a rush so could not read the content of their e-mail fully.

  5. Kind

    Kind New Member

    I am getting late to reach somewhere but even then I sent following e-mail to Nakheel. Yours case should be similar to it. please read and comment.

    Reference to your e-mail dated 13-10-2012 regarding service charge to be paid immediately.

    Can you please elaborate for my understanding :

    1. Your e-mail and invoice AED 3799.84 dated 22-05-2012 for service charges year 2011-2012 to be paid by 21-6-12 which I paid in due course.

    2. Your e-mail dated 4-10-12 and invoice AED787.55 against master community service year 2011-2012. I am already arranging the remittance.

    3. Your e-mail 13-10-12 and invoice AED3172.97 for year 2012-2013 including arrears which is exactly the same amount AED787.55 but reads on invoice ''Arrears service charges''. and it has to be paid immediately.

    For year 2011-2012 service you asked us to pay in May 2012 and we paid in June 2012 . This has been the case since beginning.
    so why for 2012-2013 you are asking to pay now. Next due date should be June 2013 ?

    You have included arrears in this invoice which is exactly the same amount you sent earlier against community service charges. why dont you clearly mention ''community service charges arrears'' in arrears so we can understand easily.

    you know rent has decreased significantly. and it it not your concerned but let me tell you that my agent got the cash from tenant in May this year and I have to chase him every day since then to remit me the money. Till today he is holding my payment and I can't do anything. I suppose there is no legal action one could take against him due to obvious reasons.
    But I delay the payment to you which I never did. you can take legal action against me/investor.

    You keep on sending invoices. why don't you send one invoice for service charges including community service charges for easy record and understanding. It is really frustrating for every investor. People were so happy when rera was formed. but even they seem to be helpless.

    you will send another invoice in December 2012 for remaining three months. Since when you fell pity with investors. why dont you send invoice for whole year 2012-2013 with certain due date so owners can arrange the payment.

    Waiting for your clarification.

  6. aviz

    aviz New Member

    I am a bit shocked too. I have received similar Email.
    And it says 17K.

    Does anyone have Property in International City ? Is such the amount of Service Charges?

    We all should really complain Nakheel.. They seem to be bucking money out of us!!
  7. Kind

    Kind New Member

    I have not received any reply as yet against my e-mail to Nakheel. I dropped copy to RERA. you do the same pls.
  8. BobbytheBuilder

    BobbytheBuilder New Member

    I have a property in International City and the charges have turned into a joke especially when Nakheel hardly do any mainternance on the buildings and land around the buildings. A 17k bill seems a crazy amount unless you have backdated charges to pay.
  9. BobbytheBuilder

    BobbytheBuilder New Member

    Kind I have emailed RERA. Will update forum when I get a reply.
  10. aviz

    aviz New Member

    It says for 2012..

    You have 1 Bedroom or Studio. What charges have they applied ?
  11. BobbytheBuilder

    BobbytheBuilder New Member

    I have emailed RERA and Nakheel and surprise surprise I have received no replies. I have 1 bed apartments in I.C.
  12. BobbytheBuilder

    BobbytheBuilder New Member

    Kind have you had any replies from Nakheel or RERA yet?
  13. Kind

    Kind New Member

    yes I did.

    The invoice sent in October included the Master community service charge.

    Its mentioned arrears because the latter invoice is for the next period i.e. 2012/2013 and the master community charges invoice pertained to the period 2011/2012.

    The invoicing has been a little unorganised this year and we are apologetic for that. The reason is that we are still recovering our payments from 2009 from many owners.

    By next year we will invoice in advance and not in arrears which was the case initially.

    But due to financial crisis the payments were delayed to the point that new invoices were only be sent as arrears.

    We are trying to get that back to normal.

    I hope this clarified

    Apologies again for the inconvenience and confusion caused

    seems to be satisfactory reply and I am arranging the payment against their invoice.
    Best regards,
  14. BobbytheBuilder

    BobbytheBuilder New Member

    I wouldnt call the current charges satisfactory.
  15. Kind

    Kind New Member

    I do agree with you. but there is nothing you can do about it to reduce. I mean at least they have given some explanation. we will get another invoice in December for following three month and thereafter charges will be paid in advance.

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