What happens when UK government assistance for homeowners is removed?



We seem to be in a constant loop of ever increasing government assistance for homeowners in the UK - as a means of supporting property prices. Brexit and the coronavirus have drained the UK coffers and there is every chance that assistance for homeowners will be reduced and watered down very soon. Have we become too used to UK government assistance for homeowners?


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Well looking over the 5% scheme doesnt look like its going to end soon. I guess for them its easier to do this than build more housing. Its a bit of a house of cards and they're propping it up .


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I guess no option but we still require the government to assist homeowners. In my opinion, I feel that changes to the Support for Mortgage Interest (SMI) scheme are urgently needed to assist suffering homeowners in the UK as they adjust to their new normal. We got to be aware that when it comes to SMI's it's already reorganised as a loan rather than a benefit, shortening the wait time and making the scheme more flexible would not only provide a humanitarian response to people financially impacted by the pandemic but would also have no long-term impact on the UK government spending.