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What do you think of Bangalore in India?

Discussion in 'Buying Overseas Property' started by madhu3690, Jan 24, 2008.

  1. madhu3690

    madhu3690 New Member


    Bangalore in India is known as Garden City. It is also called as Silicon Valley in India for its rapid growth in Information Technology & Bio Technology. Home to some of the most well-recognised colleges and research institutions in India, the city has the second-highest literacy rate among the metropolitan cities in the nation. Its new International Airport is opening by April 2008. Hosts some of the biggest companies around the world.
  2. John

    John New Member

    I know very little about it, but from what you are saying it sounds worth looking into. I am interested in taking my first steps into India this year (something very small as cash is tight :)), as I see it as having major possibilities.

    Maybe you could come back and give us some more info on Bangalore?

  3. madhu3690

    madhu3690 New Member

    Yeah Bangalore is right.

    Thanks for your reply. Bangalore has many opportunites. Recently the government has expanded bangalore from 225sq Kms to 630sq Kms as urban.
    Where there are huge expansion by government as well as public. Major projects are taking place as well as nearing compeletion. It is a massive investment opportunity for next 2-3 yrs.

    As per your message for Agents for investing in Bangalore From UK & Irish,we can work on it. If you let me know your requirement( like Plots, Big Lands, Commercial Plots, Commercial Complex, Industrial Land etc..) we can work on it. Is it for Indian national or foregin Citizens, because we have to look on our country laws.
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