What are your thoughts about the Dubai real estate market in the short, medium and long-term?



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Just wanted to add to this thread: While the downward trajectory in the real estate market for the short-term is unavoidable due to tepid economic/market conditions and the expected supply glut, the outlook for the medium and long-term for the UAE is encouraging, fuelled by a pro-active government response and clear focus on economic progress and sustainability.


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In the short run the market is stil a bit down and improving slowly.
In the medium run because of the world expo 2020, real estate invetors have high hopes.
In the long run real estate investment is always a good idea be it Dubai or anywhere else in the world.

Muzammil Hussain

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In my view after Expo 2020, all things will be clear about the Dubai real estate market. Everyone hoping to see huge improvements in the real estate industry after or during Expo 2020 Dubai.


I would be interested to hear feedback on the Dubai property market as there tends to be very different opinions in the press. Also, the tightening of regulations does not seem to have stopped some of the dubious property developers from taking investor’s money. I thought the new regulations were supposed to change all of this?

Melissa K

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The brilliant side to this pattern, in any case, is the verifiable truth that a level property advertise is quite often a purchasers' market and Dubai is no special case. The pattern of amendment in Dubai's property costs has prompted an ascent in deals for the long periods of June, July and August 2019, as per land eyewitness Data Finder. The three summer months saw a 33.4 percent ascend in the quantity of private deals exchanges, which thusly has brought about a 14.4 percent ascend in deals volumes.


Dubai gets some really really bad press on human rights etc but still manages to be a favourite of international investors. Money really does talk :)

Taleeha Akhtar

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Hi All,
Dubai is one of the fastest-growing economies in the world and the real estate businesses in Dubai contribute the most to the Dubai economy. There are many factors that make the real estate business in Dubai a lucrative career as well as an investment option.
Dubai's economy is a stable economy and is witnessing consistent growth. Since people from different parts of the world move to Dubai in search of job opportunities, for higher studies and mostly for investments, the population is also constantly growing. It is a notable fact that there is no property tax in Dubai and the acquisition cost is also low. So as per the current situation and economic status of Dubai, the real estate business is having a bright future.