What am I doing right now?



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Im sitting in Bulls, using the free wifi and enjoying a Sakara! Bulls, I must admit, has improved in food and not as much mozzies since I was last here in Dec 2006.

I have backed out of Hania Beach - like most on this forum and although have re-couped my 40% deposit I am still trying to get the £2k from Experience International.

I am here untill Friday (19th) - this is a weeks break after working hard in the cold and snow.

Not really made an effort into looking at other properties in Hurghada although I have looked at Marlin Inn on the main prominade and still like the look of Regency Heights (was always my 2nd choice) but now feel as Ive left it too late by waiting for Hania Ive missed out on the good deals and prices have increased.

I still have the £10k I saved but dont think its going to get me much and as RH was initial price of £14k dont think thats even a possibility.

I bloody hate Hania Beach!!

So,...Unless things change for me I think my place in paradise will be down to 1 week every few years. :(