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martin brennan

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Brennanpropertyinvestment LTD run a succesful property sourcing business in Western New York. We have sold over 50 properties to UK clients, and provide gross yields of 30% +
All our properties are home inspected (surveyed) prior to release, and all are either single family homes or two family rental homes in Western New York.
Our website is under construction Western New York Property Investments and is launched Mid May.
We have supplied properties to several large UK property clubs all of whom can give us a reference of quality, professionalism and superb service.

Properties can be cought with cash or mortgage financed at 80% LTV with no munimum loan amount. All properties are freehold and prices begin at $20k.
We have teams of contacts to assist with the sale, renovation, property management and after sales care.

Please contact 01732 844409 for more details.

We can supply our USA market report and recent property sale details. All our contacts are experts in their fields of real estate investment.

Martin Brennan
Brennanpropertyinvestments LTD.
alternative email- [email protected]
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