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Hello and welcome to the brand new Panama section on the forum.

I know there are a few people who have shown interest in the small Central American Country and i would like to take this opportunity to bring this amazing country and its culture to you.

Panama is famous and some time, infamous but it is never dull or boring.

Just this week the Carnival took place with street parties and celebrations taking place.

The One thing Panama knows is how to party!

It woud be interesting to hear from people who have visited the country even if it was part of a Cruise through the Canal.

I will bring some of the history to the forum and also FACTS on issues relating to Real Estate. I dare say I will be assisted in that by the folks at RevealRealEstate:)

Once again I would like to thank Bob for allowing us to open are very own Panama Section on this great forum.


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Hopefully we will get our own flag on the Right Hand side!!!


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Thanks for the Panama section.

I woulld like to add my thanks to Bob for opening this Panama section. Panama has always been a well kept secret but now it needs more publicity and awareness. With tourism and investment increasing all the time, savvy investors can find a safe and lucrative place to put their money knowing that there is no nasty crash around the corner. It looks very likely that the new president to be elected in May will be very good for the country as he is already a rich man and will draw no stipend from his appointment. I am very optimistic that Panama is on it's way onward and upward.

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