Webinar: Best Buy-to-Let Strategies for 2021

Paul Mahoney

Paul Mahoney

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Hi All

We have some more webinars coming up so please register if interested.

The Fundamentals of Buy to Let in the UK; Post COVID-19 & Brexit

This webinar will give you a clear understanding of the most suitable Buy To Let fundamentals to use to achieve success in 2021 and beyond. It will cover current trends in the market as well as research on Buy To Let hot spots. This will allow you to understand the current market opportunities and how best you can utilise them!

12th May 9.00 AM


12th May 12.30 PM


Buy to Let for Business Owners; Turn Proactively made Profits into Sustainable Passive Income

This webinar will start by explaining why building a Buy To Let business alongside your main business can be a great way to build sustainable wealth and mitigate risk. It will compare and contrast Buy To Let with average UK businesses and show you how you can turn proactively generated profits into significant passive income.

19th May 9.00 AM


19th May 12.30 PM