Waterfront log home residential off the grid community or cabin camp site retreat?



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I have 55 Acres of East Texas pine land with a lake we built a long time ago. I was interested in parceling out residential lots around the lake and building various style log cabins. I would like to have each property site have its own septic and well water supply and would like to have each home ran off solar power exclusively. There is sloping terrain to the lake on both east and west sides however, I have found some log homes are built to sloping elevations. It just seems like a massive undertaking and I am not even sure I have the funds to invest in something like this but I am a dreamer and have always had a love for real estate and investments in properties. So my question is "How can I make this whole idea feel less overwhelming?" Who out there are advisors or consultants that can help? I have contacted these log home builders and none of them are even interested in giving me the time of day. You would think they would be stoked to potentially building 12 houses or more but it is the opposite. They expect me to just commit right then and there when I am not even given any inclination of how in-debt the project would be. I need planning but more importantly a friend in the business that can help even if its for a fee.

BTW, here is my golden nugget of wisdom on something I do know. I am a slum lord and proud of it. I recently got turned on to this corporate living management and I have to say if you want to double your rental investments GO CORPORATE! I was using property management companies to manage my properties for a simple 10% off the top of the rental income per month however going with a corporate management firm pays way bigger profits. Sure I nearly forgot I owned some of the properties with the property management companies but I did not realize this whole time corporations would pay 3 times more if it was furnished and live in ready for nurses/doctors or contractors for government facilities etc. IJS Peace!

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The log home builders' attitude is really strange. I'm sorry I cannot be of more direct help but I think you should stand your ground and not let them shake you off, maybe tell them that you are specifically looking to consult with them for x amount of time and you will pay their hourly fee or whatever. It's clear that planning and having a better idea about the effort and money needed would make your idea less overwhelming.