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Water shortage

Discussion in 'Portugal Property' started by bobmurdy, Sep 7, 2008.

  1. bobmurdy

    bobmurdy New Member

    Hi, I have a small property (farm) near Trancoso which I purchased a couple of years ago. When I bought the propperty it had a small stream running through it (sourced from surface water and underground stream) that provided water to a concrete storage tank via a number of control taps.

    This year on my visits I have noticed that the stream is nothing more than a trickle which means my supply is very small and the the landowner beneath me is not receiving a supply at all (water absorbed by land before it reaches him). As it is a very rural area (there is only 1 other property higher up the valley than myself) I find it hard to believe that this farmer has somehow closed off the water?

    A recent check on the river in the bottom of the valley (that all the streams normally flow to) has about 3-4" of water in when it would normally have about 3-4'.

    My question is does anyone have any experience of small borehole/well drilling companies or the use of water diviners? Are there any restrictons on the use of above surface storage tanks?

  2. Magellan

    Magellan New Member

    There are laws regulating where you can drill a borehole, but looking around it seems they are widely ignored. I'd ask around in the nearest town - someone will undoubtedly know someone who can drill a poço.
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