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Watchdog and recommended Lawyers

Discussion in 'Bulgaria Property' started by SPview, Feb 17, 2009.

  1. SPview

    SPview New Member

    Following the Watchdog programme televised on the 9th and 16th of February - the AIPP, who watchdog are suggesting buyers contact with any problems, are recommending 3 law firms who are able to act on behalf of these buyers.

    The Lawyers names and contact details were shown on the programme but when Ive checked the watchdog website these are not shown. For anyone who is interested or needs help, the three Law firms were:

    Manzanares International Lawyers
    M. Hristov & Associates

    Best of luck to everyone.
  2. rabarbaro

    rabarbaro New Member

    Where do these lawyers work ?
    I need a lawyer that is honest but not TOO expensive...
    I've been asked 3.000 euro to get 3.000 euro regarding a management contract...
    I'm not kidding, I need only 2 answers regarding a contract I've signed and it's not clear at all...
    To have this solved I've been asked the same amount of the contract, if not higher as 3000 I should get are gross....
    Any suggestions ?
    Thank you
  3. SPview

    SPview New Member

    Hi Rabarbaro

    Manzanares International have offices in Bulgaria and UK but their HQ is Spain (Ive used them before)
    ILP are a group of Lawyers who are based in the UK (Ive not used these)
    M Hristov based in Bulgaria who I have also had contact with in the past.

    The 3000 euros you are quoting is way too excessive - there is a difference between Legal fees and Lawyer fees ...but if its just a few questions you want answering on a contract then it should be nowhere near that amount!

    Im not sure if I am allowed to put phone numbers on here ?!?!?!? and I dont want to get into bother .... perhaps if you google the names above you will get the telephone number......hope this helps.
  4. rabarbaro

    rabarbaro New Member

    thank you

    Thank you, I'll search as you suggest,
    The problem is not that I need an answer from the lawyer, I need a lawyer that get answers from GBS...
    They don't answer to my email, not to certified letters and so on....
    The contract I've signed is not clear, I need 2 clarifications...and it seems impossible to have I need a lawyer that writes them in order
    to have this answers....
    I'm so terrible upset with myself at having bought in such a far country....
    Thank you Daniela
  5. SPview

    SPview New Member

    Daniela ..... please get in touch with the lawyers asap - its awful to feel so isolated, even with the support of the forums it can feel that way. Its better to get good advice now - and not run the risk of making things potentially worse - plus it should make you feel better if you have someone fighting your corner!
    Im putting a telephone number here for the Lawyer Ive used before (0034)952 06 15 04 .... hope I dont get into trouble for it.

    Let me know how you get on.
  6. rabarbaro

    rabarbaro New Member

    thank you

    Thank you, I'll do it,
    thank again

  7. charlie1960

    charlie1960 New Member

    I used Manzanares International Lawyers very good would reccommend them
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