Was the UK right to remove Spain from the holiday air bridge scheme?



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The UK government has come in for huge criticism after Saturday night’s announcement that those returning from Spain would need to quarantine for 14 days (potentially reduced to 10 days). This has had a huge impact upon the Spanish holiday market but what will it do to the Spanish property market? Was the UK government right to act so quickly?


It was very hasty considering that people had been allowed to travel to Spain and now many who will return from holidays will have to isolate again, having to take more time off work. One lady was complaining that she has two businesses which will now have to close again while she is quarantined. However I have to say that as this whole covid saga is far from over why on earth could people not just stay in their own countries just for this year? Foreign holiday makers would be replaced by local people so the tourist industry would not be hit as hard as might be imagined. This whole thing of having to have a foreign holiday is just keeping up with the Joneses syndrome. Staycations should be the way at least until this thing goes away, (if it ever does). I was looking forward to seeing my eldest son who I havn't seen since my mothers funeral 4 years ago but we have cancelled our t rip to the UK rather than take risks.


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The UK government was only trying to protect its citizens. And you should not visit other countries during the pandemic. This is a question of the consciousness of those who have put themselves at such risk. I learned to travel around my native Austria during the pandemic. I've lived here for so many years, but I didn't know a lot of things. Now every weekend I go by train to discover new places and enjoy the beauty of my country. It seems to me that many people should do the same now. Every country has something special and you don't have to go abroad to see it.
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