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Was i robbed?

Discussion in 'Portugal Property' started by RobMain, Dec 14, 2007.

  1. RobMain

    RobMain New Member

    Just bought a property in Portugal and have recently found out that i was sold some land that didn't belong to the vendor after walking out the boundries with the rightfull owner it turns out i paid for someone elses land having talked things over with the lawyer i'd used it was agreed by us that some reconpence was due not a lot 2000 euros after 2 weeks of waiting it turns out that our lawyer spoke with the vendor who'd told him we were satisfieid with what we had and nothing more was to come of it. the lawyer failed to mention this meeting with the vendor or failed to mention the outcome of the meeting. what i need to know is were do i go from here? i think there was a conflict of interest as the vendor new the lawyer and had passed work on to him in the past. is there some governing body that can follow this up and look into the way they both do business?
  2. omostra06

    omostra06 New Member

    there is a regulating body for lawyers in Portugal also for agents (inci) check with them.
    Did you go through an agent?
  3. villasluz

    villasluz New Member

    It seems very strange to me that this type of things still happens here in Portugal...
    The real estate agents and the lawyers are heavily controled by the government and nobody wants to loose its license.
    The best way to go is taking advice with another lawyer / solicitor.
  4. f_ribeiro

    f_ribeiro New Member


    1. Could you clear some aspects of the purchase for me?
    The area you legaly bought is written down in the "escritura". Have you checked the sqm of that against a land survey ?

    2. Does the "Registo Predial" as a drawing of the land? If so does it fit the actual land?

    3. When you say "it was agreed by us that some reconpence was due not a lot 2000 euros" who are "us"? You and the seller? You and the lawyer?

    Regarding your lawyer, if you agreed with your lawyer to be compensated by the "mistake", then your lawyer represents you and should have your best interest in mind.
  5. MarcoSousa

    MarcoSousa New Member

    visit: . they control property matters.
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