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Discussion in 'Turkey property' started by jacqui, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. jacqui

    jacqui New Member

    Smallish cafe/bar for lease in the altinkum/akbuk areas.
  2. altinkumdan

    altinkumdan New Member


    Have you tried voices newspaper online, they usually have them advertised.
  3. Sunny Days

    Sunny Days Member

    Hi Jacqui
    Good news and bad.....Good.....there is a very large supply of such commercial premises in Altinkum and surrounding areas (lesser supply in Akbuk but still there are some).....Bad....there is also a very large supply of potential 'partners' (Turkish AND foreign including British) waiting to bleed you dry over such a business proposition and 'agents' or should I say 'friends' / waiters / bar owners / cousins of bar owners / uncles of bar get the picture....who will be ready to pounce (oops! that should have read 'help') you to make a fortune (or make them a fortune) .....
    If you are new to town - the risk is even greater.
    I dont wish to burst your bubble but you will need to be VERY careful.
    The Voices is a possible avenue BUT every one of the premises advertised there will have a history and if you ask anyone who remotely knows the owner and you'll hear that everything is rosy.....???!!!***

    Take your time, BE CAREFUL, get everything in written agreement and if possible create your own company and have Turks working for you rather than a standard partnership. I have seen TOO many clever and intelligent people ripped off over the years.
  4. jacqui

    jacqui New Member

    Thanks for your advice.

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