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wanted studio apt in international city england or france

Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by tonykhan, Mar 8, 2008.

  1. tonykhan

    tonykhan New Member

    Hi friends:), i want to buy a studio apt in international city (England & France)..Plz let me know the final price (including all taxes) and rental return.

    Response awaited...........
  2. Sthlm

    Sthlm New Member

    Hi Tony,

    Are you still interested in buying an apartment in IC? If so, please let me know, I have one for sale.

    / Sthlm
  3. georgihh

    georgihh New Member

    What have you got?
  4. Sthlm

    Sthlm New Member


    I have a 1-bedroom app. in International City, England cluster. 602sqft. 3:rd floor, furniture package included and parking bay. 10% annual rental yield guaranteed for 3 years. 30% of the price to be paid now, 70% upon completion.
    Price AED 625,000 .


    / Sthlm
  5. georgihh

    georgihh New Member

    What building all the properties are completed in England Cluster?
    Send me some more details
  6. Sthlm

    Sthlm New Member

    It's apartment B302 in E32 - Cambridge (phase III). It's not completed yet. I'm awaiting more information from the developer.
  7. georgihh

    georgihh New Member

    Not worthed
    Thanks for now
  8. faheem2241

    faheem2241 Guest

    hi i am looking for do you have in england ?
  9. Sthlm

    Sthlm New Member


    Yes, I have in England. Cambridge Residence, E32. A 1-bedroom apartment (608 sqft), 3-rd floor, corner apartment, with balcony, furniture package and parking bay. Rental option with guaranteed rental income of 10% gross per annum for 36 months.

    Is this something for you?

    / Stefan
  10. Rehana

    Rehana New Member

    Studio on emirates Cluster

    I have studio in emirates cluster, International city.
  11. farrka

    farrka New Member

    Studio For Sale In Spain Sector

    Hi, I have a studio for sale in the Spanish sector, top floor with balcony for sale if that is of interest let me know and I will post my mobile no.
  12. kaunas

    kaunas New Member

    I am interested in a vacant studio, if it is davidgula hotmail dot com
  13. kaunas

    kaunas New Member

    what do you want for this one? I know they are not ready.
  14. Demoniise

    Demoniise New Member

    Farraka how much u asking for ur spanish studio?
  15. farrka

    farrka New Member

    Hi Demoniise

    550,000 all in - mobile no. 050 5149164. Kaunas - its not vacant at present, but I am living there so easily vacated.
  16. mrkhalil

    mrkhalil New Member

    Hi Rehana

    Is it a completed studio?
    Wts its S.P?
  17. Sunjay

    Sunjay New Member

    I have a big demand for studios and 1 bed apartments in International City any sector. Vacant or rented. Drop me a line if you have one to sell.
  18. jwayne592

    jwayne592 New Member

    What price are the studios fetching at the moment vacant or rented?
  19. Sunjay

    Sunjay New Member

    Selling a studio?

    Let me know what cluster it is in, floor, with or without balcony, if it is rented how much and duration left of tenancy. Then i would be happy to give you a price indication.


  20. Sthlm

    Sthlm New Member


    Are you interested in not completed apartments as well, or only comleted?

    / Stefan
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