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Wanted Ready Studios in International city - CASH BUYER

Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by New_Investor, Sep 4, 2008.

  1. New_Investor

    New_Investor Banned

    Dear all,

    I'm a cash buyer and i'm looking to buy 3 studios in international city in england - france - greec (they must be Vacant and ready never been occupied before) for the purpouse of BTL, they must be transferable with DEWA approval

    i'm willing to pay from 750 - 850 PSF Max

    Also i've a 1 BD in Badrah Phase 2 and i'm willing to sell lower than the market price for buying in international city
    O.P = 1.2 M - Area 797 sqf - corner unit on 6th flooor - premium = 14% only

    for any of the above deals you can mail or PM me

    hesham.naeem at gmail
  2. New_Investor

    New_Investor Banned

    Also required studio or 1 BD @ DSO ready for hand over or hand over within 3 month with finance starting 850 - 950 PSF
  3. georgihh

    georgihh New Member

    You want a virgin and you want to pay less – and you want her to be from specific location. And you want three. On top of that you are trying to sell a baby which never been born.
  4. New_Investor

    New_Investor Banned

    LOL :)

    You know - they say money talks - especially when it's ready in hand ;)
  5. muqarabin

    muqarabin New Member

    I will have to agree with Georgihh, prices in International City were around 930 AED/sqft average in December 07.

    International city is selling at above 1000 AED/sqft these days

    All the best anyway.
    Last edited: Sep 8, 2008
  6. New_Investor

    New_Investor Banned

    Thanks guys for your wishes.

    Just to let u know that i already got an offer for 900 psf all inclusive in spain cluster,

    Do you think i should go for it or should i negotiate even more?
  7. muqarabin

    muqarabin New Member

    Sarcasm doesn't suit you :)

    900 AED/sqft, stating the obvious but check it out properly before grabing it with both hands
  8. muqarabin

    muqarabin New Member

  9. New_Investor

    New_Investor Banned

    Thanks for the resources, it will really help to make my decision.
    I will finalize 1 studio soon, so still 2 more to go!

    any idea about the best property management company for international city to lease my studios once in posession?
  10. New_Investor

    New_Investor Banned

    :confused: any idea about leasing management company ?!!!
  11. georgihh

    georgihh New Member

    Well done.
    Why don’t you rent it yourself will make more money and in reality the real estate’s are doing nothing.
    Why are you moving from the flipping to the rental business?
  12. New_Investor

    New_Investor Banned

    Thanks, well I'm not really shifting from flipping to rental, (still flipping carefully) it's only the simple role of not putting all my eggs into one basket - diversification my friend is the name of the game - you diversify, create a portfolio and your risk is reduced!

    for example, if for any reason there's a correction in the market then if you have a portfolio of 50:50 ratio flipping:Cash flow renting - then at least you have saved 50% of your money from being de valuated.

    However it will be my first time to be a land Lord that's why i need a real estate company to do all the dirty job of looking for tenants - viewing and collection of payment and any other legal issues.

    If you or any one have some experience in letting procedures and legal documentation, I'll appreciate the sharing of info.

    Thanks :D
  13. georgihh

    georgihh New Member

    I can’t help much with the leasing company but all of them are just as bad.
    Anyway with the dollar shooting up and some of the properties in Dubai highly overpriced the rental business is a good choice.
    The flipping was good before but recently the developers increased the pre- launch prices so much that almost killed the flipping.
    I have the feeling that we are moving to the next level of the market, where – rent, repossessions, actions will be more popular than the new releases. Time to have cash a lot of cash
  14. Polycarp Ambe-Niba

    Polycarp Ambe-Niba New Member

    Hi Everyone,
    I have furnished studio for sale at International City, England, 479sqft with balcony. Asking price 530,000 AED. I just finished furnishing it so all furniture is new. It has never been occupied before. Anyone interested could contact me at [email protected] or [email protected].
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