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Discussion in 'Malaysia property' started by Jateen, Oct 12, 2007.

  1. Jateen

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    I am an Indian resident interested to buy property in Malaysia or Dubai. Would like to invest roughly around 3 to 4 million INR.I would like to know abt the norms required to buy in the specified country as well as in India.

    Will i get loan for same from indian bank or the specified country bank.

    Kindly let me know same

  2. MyDamac

    MyDamac Banned

  3. Serene

    Serene New Member

    If you still require details regarding Malaysia I have some useful info. Let me know if you are still in need.
  4. eyeC

    eyeC Senior Member

    the no tax in Dubai is unbeatable consider high risk of wars in the region close to Iran +large

    number of construction projects 1000 of buildings to be completed soon will you still find a

    tenant for your property?only time will tell

    Malaysia on the other hand great landscape,cheap,good retirement place less risk of political

  5. junaidrafique

    junaidrafique New Member

    Dubai is better to invest than Malaysia since it has the world's speculators pushing the growth. Property in areas where the rent is affordable is the key, since there will be delivery of many projects over the coming 2 years.

    Mot areas will not be habitable by the normal worker, thus if you have an investment in an affordable location, you'll do well with resale and rents.

    Just, something to consider, Omniyat are launching something close to Arabian Ranches which will be affordable and cheaper than normal. You won't need a loan if you have 2-3 million dirhams to invest either.
  6. aneeta

    aneeta New Member

    Malaysia roperty

    i am interested in to buying a property in malaysia ready to move in proerty kindly confirm
    my detail

    aneeta bashani
  7. ariecol

    ariecol New Member


    malaysia is a good place to invest, but pls read up and learn more before plunging in.

    to be honest anywhere,................ for investment, u need to know everything before putting a stake on it.

    i have 2 prop for sale. rm710k for 2 bed in klcc area facing twin tower, or rm2.1million 3+1 bedroom 100metres from twin tower as a private seller

    let me know

    as well as understanding the investment, u need to have objectives

    good luck
  8. hazri

    hazri New Member

    just let me help you make the better choice to live or either invest in Malaysia
  9. itsmazlin

    itsmazlin New Member

    Malaysia is better and safer than Dubai. Malaysia truly asia !! :)
  10. katreena

    katreena New Member

    dubai prop

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