Wall Street bets big on Indian real estate market

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Nicholas Wallwork

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Even though the Indian real estate market is under something of a cloud at the moment it seems as though Wall Street giants Goldman Sachs, Warburg Pincus and Blackstone cannot get enough. The combined investment of these three giants over the last few months has now topped $900 million with many believing there is significant

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This is a recent article by Sophie Munez

As per our Reports & Analysis, Indian Real Estate Sector will crash by 80% in Pricing/ Depreciation/ Other Downward spiral In 2018. It will be welcome step for Middle & Low Income Households. The Developers/ Private Funds/ AIF will suffer Hugh Losses. The above situation is being created by Government of India, This will win Elections for them for Next Five Years.

Why Indian Real Estate will crash ?

1) Lack of Infrastructure within Cities to support the On-Going development with High Rise Building in Major Cities. (Roads, Metro Network, Drainage systems, water supply systems, Gardens, Parks, Gaming areas, Cleanliness (Waste Disposal systems)

2) UN-Organized Sector: The Developers Lack Quality & Standard to develop or Fund major development. (Few Groups in India provide Quality & Commitment-- L&T Group; GMR Tata Group & Few Others)

3) Major Developers are working Hand-In-Hand with Politicians (Mainly Opposition parties or Non-Aligned with present Government). The Corrupt monies of these Politicians are invested in Real Estate to grow. If present Government collapses the Real Estate Sector. Opposition Parties will run-out of cash for next Election. No Monies in Election means "Before the Battle starts, war is already Lost".

4) Other Sectors not developed & neglected for last 10 years. (Manufacturing Sector, ICT, Trading, Ports, Airports, Rails, Service Sector). The Development is not Balanced.

5) Every Tom Dick Harry in India is Developer. (No qualification required To become a Real Estate Developer)

6) No FDI Funds involved in development of Indian Real Estate Sector (Truth & Fact, Not a single Penny from any Global Funds/ FDI/ HNI are investing in Real Estate Sector---Including our Group).

7) Economical & Financial Data of India reflects, Major Indians can't afford Housing more then USD 100,000/= per 1,000 square Feets of space in Metro Cities. B Grade Cities USD 75,000/= per 1,000 square Feets. Small Towns USD 50,000/= per square Feets.

8) Highest Fraud in Real Estate Sector in India, developers not punished by the Law.(Government of India will set the Ball rolling before election to place most developers in Jail or file as many as fraud cases). Please do go thru & Follow-Up on the Data available with reference to DLF, Parsvnath Developers, many Medium & Small Developers will disappear from the market sooner rather then later. Major Developers working with Local Politicians will also disappear.

Definition of Investor in India: Layman or Common Definition of Investor in India in wording would go like this. Citizen of Republic of India got his/ her monies earned by not paying Taxes to Government and Investing in Real Estate Illegally on various names. Who try to ride the prices artificially.

These Investors will be arrested by the Government of India. Sooner Rather then Later. The assets will be placed under investigation and the Investor will not be able to sell the same.

"Every Citizen of Republic of India has the right to Housing, Planned Infrastructure Clean & Green Areas, Waste Disposal Systems". Please do ask the question you as Citizens of Republic of India Why these doesn't exist ? Who is responsible ? where the monies has disappeared allocated for these projects all these years ?

Personally, wouldn't prefer to Compare One Economy with Another Economy. Let's have an Overview with following countries on Comparison & Competitiveness:

a) Sri Lanka; b) Thailand; c) Indonesia; d) Ethiopia; e) Brazil

Republic of India is Trillion Dollar Economy..Do you believe ?



A fall of 80% in Indian real estate prices seems a little far-fetched? While there has been evidence of corruption in years gone by has there been no reduction over the last decade or so? While I am sceptical about this predicted crash in Indian real estate prices it is certainly an interesting topic.


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Considering the drastic fall and real time stagnant in the 'sought after' category, this is the buying time for most investors, which will be very much fruitful down the 3 years short time category for disposing.


With a large population and expanding economy, why do some people doubt the short to medium term performance of Indian real estate? Is it simply down to the distribution of wealth amongst the population?


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real estate market was down before now it is growing is india