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Discussion in 'Bulgaria Property' started by graham1, Jan 9, 2009.

  1. graham1

    graham1 New Member


    Has anybody purchased in the Vitosha Park Complex?? If so, I would be interested in hearing from you.
  2. vitoshastu

    vitoshastu New Member

    Hello Graham I have bought a 2 bed appt in Vitosha park in the Lillia block, what about you ?:)
  3. graham1

    graham1 New Member

    Hi, we have bought a 2 bed in Camillia. Did you get your title deeds yet?
  4. Lysos

    Lysos New Member

    Posts like this translate as: "Oh, I'm getting worried. This isn't panning out the way the agent said it would. Help !"
  5. vitoshastu

    vitoshastu New Member

    Hello Graham i will be in Sofia early February to sign notary deeds. When were you last over there?
  6. graham1

    graham1 New Member

    I was there last week. My apartment looks good, I am happy with the quality and the finish, however one of the blocks is far from finished and I am a bit concerned that they will not get ACT 16 by May as promised! Am also not happy with the maintenance, management and rental contracts (which I haven't signed yet).
  7. vitoshastu

    vitoshastu New Member

    Hello Graham i agree with you about the maintainence theres not much we can do about it appart fom pay it however the two year rental contract only covers the cost of the furniture pack i think i will be opting out of that one. How long did they say it would be before the final block is completed.Did you opt for a parking space, i never i think that may have been a mistake.Have you got an Email address i can contact you on
  8. jamarit

    jamarit New Member

    Hello graham1

    We've bought two apartments in Lylia building. We strongly dont agree with the price of furnishment (800 eur each apt) and with the management and rental contract. We're not going to sign it. We'll furnish ourselves and contact with a rental agency to look for a tegnant.

    Please, reply my post or send me your email address so we can keep in touch and exchange information about Vitosha Park and the actual situation of prices and real state in Sofia.

    Berst regards
  9. graham1

    graham1 New Member

    When I figure out how to send a private message, I will send you my contact details! We also have a big problem with the maintenance and rental contracts and won't sign them. I have just got some info from a person that has a friend who bought in Vitosha. They have been through the process and have recommended a management company called Sash, they do furniture and property management.
  10. jamarit

    jamarit New Member

    Thankyou, I think there are many management and frunish companies, the problem is to select the right one. ¿What do you think about our investment?. We're a bit worried about the real estate situation in bulgaria and the fall of prices in some areas.
    About the price of furnishment package of Simeonovo (8000 eur) I think they're trying customers to refush to sign the rental guarantee contract which was a marketing offer whrn they sold the apartments.We dont agree with this.
    Please, send me all the information you have received in your last visit in January, I've seen the pictures and it looks they have not started with the garden, exteriors, etc...
  11. Diz

    Diz New Member

    Hello to all


    I have been over to view my apartment a couple of times (last Nov08) and have been very impressed. Have signed up to rental contract which I felt was fine and did not think that the furniture pack was too expensive.

    There is a chat forum on this site on Eye on Worldwide.

    I am in Lylia block close to the new blocks which are being build now,

    Hope to be signing in the next couple of weeks

  12. Diz

    Diz New Member

    Lilia Block

    Sorry guys that should have read Lilia Block

    I believe the tennis court has gone to make way for new blocks.
    Also a small pool will now be put into Lilia Block and an upgrade to use marble tiles on stairs and common areas.

  13. jamarit

    jamarit New Member

    ¿What do you mean with the forum Eye on Worldwide?. ¿Is a forum about Vitosha Park? ¿Where can i find that forum?.
    I think the furnish price and the rental contract is not good business, all the money you make in two years is the same price you'll pay for the funish..... so no profit.
    ¿What do you mean with the tennis court?. They cant avoid it, is part of the project and we've paid for it.
    Please, send me all the news and information you have.
  14. vitoshacurious

    vitoshacurious New Member

    How did you get on in Sofia. Do you know if the Magnolia apartments are finished? I am having a problem getting a mortgage to finalise the purchase like many others and have received an e-mail from the developers sales team saying that they were trying to organise mortgages. The agency that i went through when buying are of no help at all. They refuse to return any of the deposit paid to them .
  15. vitoshastu

    vitoshastu New Member

    vitosha park

    Hello Graham i returned from Sofia two weeks ago .My appt in Lillia looks fairly close to completion the kitchen was being fitted just as i left the flooring was down and the bathrooms were fitted out. As you said in a previous thread the two appts that have been built in the area that was originally the tennis court are much further behind and the swimming pool is not going to be very big. Apparently April / May before protocol 16 will be issued and there are no signs of the Tarmac roads within the complex i was told that was due to the cold weather.I had two days skiing on the mountain conditions were good and no ques for the lifts
  16. jamarit

    jamarit New Member

    Hell0 vitoshastu

    I can inform you about the two new blocks, we us buyers of two 2bed apt in Lylia argued with Simeonovo about these new blocks and I can say you they answered this:
    “Simeonovo Residential Park Ltd. has the pleasure to inform you that the green areas within the complex will be substantially expanded. The facilities like swimming pool and tennis court will be located in the new plot of land which shall be added to the existing area of the complex. The management of the company is quite well aware of the obligations taken when the Preliminary contract has been signed. In order to keep the proportion between the open space areas and the buildings inside the complex, and to avoid any doubts that the facilities like the tennis court and the swimming pool will become a matter a fact, this new area keeps the balance. By providing more space, your tensions about the lack of enough room caused by the construction of the additional 2 buildings become groundless. We have not specified the exact location of the facilities, they were just outlined as a compulsory part of the entire project."

    please write
    Best regards
  17. jamarit

    jamarit New Member


    ¿Where is the swimming pool you've seen situated? ¿In a new plot close to Vitosha park or in the same place it was planned?.
    ¿Have you received the property through a notary deed? I suppose not until protocol 16. ¿Have you paid the 100% of the property price?
    please,send me all the information you've about the actual state of the project because I've not visited Sofia from october 2007. I only have seen the pictures in the webpage and some others which Simeonovo sent us by email.
  18. jamarit

    jamarit New Member

    I inform everybody there is another more active forum about vitosha park here:

    It would be nice if all of you register in and use, we're trying to contact with many buyers of Vitosha park to get a good deal with one of the furnish companies,we're negotiating a 15% discount for a standard (medium level) furnish and inventory package with sash-design company, the quality and design is good (we know some people from other complex who bought there and are pretty happy) and the price would be the half of Simeonovo, around 4300 eur.

    I'll send you my email address and forum address in my next post,if you want we can have email contacts.
    please write
    Best regards
  19. markgoodwin

    markgoodwin New Member

    I actually lived in Sofia for a while and know it very well. The market there is going through a correction process, like everywhere in the world.

    As long as you can sit tight, as long long as you didn´t pay over the odds initially, Sofia is currently one of the cheapest captial cities in Europe.

    Hope it goes well for you.
  20. chazz

    chazz New Member

    I bought an appartment in the camelia building, I am interested in liaising contact with as many buyers as possible in order to exchange views and share ideas regarding any issues.

    I am particulary keen on reducing the cost of furnishing the property.

    What is the other forum by the way ? Can we exchange e-mail also ?

    Many thanks

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