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Visiting AP2 in June to do snagging with Fadesa

Discussion in 'Morocco Property' started by pjharris, Apr 3, 2008.

  1. pjharris

    pjharris New Member

    Hi there everyone,
    We completed on our one bed penthouse apartment in AP2 last January but will not be able to get out to Saidia until June. The last time we were there was 2005 when there was nothing there! So just wanted to get some valuable info and advice from other owners who have been out there recently.
    We especially wanted to know how owners are getting there for starters? We live in the East Yorkshire area and would be able to fly from Manchester to Europe. Is everyone still going through Malaga or has anyone tried to fly into Oujda yet? We were thinking of flying with Atlas Blue from Belgium,but if anyone has any better advice we would really appreciate it.
    Also is it worth hiring a car for our visit and will we be able to get by with our broken French?
    Does anyone know which is the best property insurance to go for at a reasonable cost, same goes for the furniture packages?
    Lastly is there much to do in Saidia Old Town i.e. places to eat, socialise etc. We are hoping to stay in an apartment which has already been furnished, as the hotel Atlal sounds very basic.
    Any help on these matters will be very welcomed as we are still very green on all these issues!
    Many thanks
    Paul & Germaine
  2. Mr Ri

    Mr Ri New Member

    Hi Paul and Germaine

    I can't answer all of your questions, but maybe can help with a few.
    You can review all the arlines that fly into Oujda, Nador or Melilla, and car rental companies on the travel assistance page of www[dot]saidiavacations[dot}com - which may help with your travel arrangements. I would encourage you to try out your French language skills and see no reason, even with basic French, why you cannot achieve your objectives.

    I think staying in an apartment on site will be better than in Saidia old town - which can be noisy until the early hours.

    In June, the Barcelo hotel and the El Palmeral Golf course, and there is already a restaurant at the Marina open. It would be great to get some feedback on these (and any new) places to eat and socialise following your visit.

    Hope this is helpful
  3. pjharris

    pjharris New Member

    Many thanks for the info,
    We will check out the Saidia Vacations site.
    We were supposed to be staying at the Barcelo but they have told us that opening is going to be delayed and to check back in August!
    Will let you know what is going on out there on our return.
    Thanks again
  4. exfcsm

    exfcsm New Member

    Hi there
    I think you have contacted me about the apartment on AP6 to use during your stay in June. You can take a look at the website for it on saidiaholidayrentals(dot)com, it will give you a lote more information. I'm certain from my own experiences that you will prefer to stay on site than in the old town. If you want to go looking for furniture off site - you will definately require either a car or someone with a car to take you around. There is a guy that lives locally - he's very handy to know and can assist with the furniture, transfers, snagging etc. He's been assisting many people in AP6 & AP4 for the past year or so. You can view his website at saidiaholidayservices(dot)com, to get a better idea of what he's able to do.
    If you need further info - please do not hesitate to contact me - regards Shani
  5. nardo

    nardo New Member


    I am french and I live in Ras el ma near saidia.

    To come from GB to oujda, you can come through Paris with the airlaines company Transavia? it s a low cost company from air France Klm Group.

    You can also go through Madrid and after to Melilla but I am sure that the ticket price is more.

    You can go through brussel and after to oujda or Nador

    In the oujda airport, you have the main car rental cie like hertz, budget..;;

    At this time, ther is nothing to do in saidia. I hope they are going to open some restaurant for the sumer but I am not sure they can do it.

    For the Barcelo, I am sure they cont open before Christmas.

    If jou want moreinformations, you can contact me and I will try to help you
  6. exfcsm

    exfcsm New Member

    Are you eclem on ...

    the eyeonworldwide site ? Would just like to check due to people staying in my apartment in June. I know you guys have booked, but needed to see if eclem has accomodation booked already.

    Many thanks
  7. pjharris

    pjharris New Member

    Hi Shani,
    I should be registered as pjharris on eyeontheworld site, not eclem, so hope this helps! Let me know if not.
    Bye for now
    Germaine Harris
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