Visa regulations in Dubai

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    Visa regulations

    Dubai now currently has over $30 billion in development underway of which Nakheel's projects alone amount to at least $12 billion. This is one of the biggest potential investment opportunities in the world. One of the main attractions for would-be buyers is the provision of residence visas for expatriate investors and their immediate family.

    At present under the Federal expatriates residence in the UAE is based on a 3 year residence permit which can be renewed if the expatriate is employed or self-employed. Owners of freehold property have the additional right to apply for a 3 year residence visa under the sponsorship of the property developer. Real estate developers are anxiously waiting for new residential visa laws which allow expatriates to stay longer in the UAE. There is a huge demand for freehold properties especially from Asian expatriates.

    Investors Visa :
    An expatriate investor in an LLC company who holds minimum shareholding of AED 70,000 in the share capital shall be issued an investor visa. Such visas shall be issued directly from Immigration Department and does not need the approval from Ministry of Labour & Social Affairs.

    Residence Visa:
    A residence visa is required for those who intends to enter UAE for living indefinitely with a person who already a resident of the country. This type of visas are issued for wife whose husband or son/daughter whose parent is employed in UAE, It should be noted the person who is a resident of UAE stays more than six months period at a time out of the country his permit becomes invalid.

    Employment Permits/Visas:

    Employment Visa or Permit shall be issued by the Immigration Department for a foreign national in order to work in a company in UAE after the approval from Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs. Employment permit/visa allows the holder to enter UAE once for a period of 30 days and are valid for a period of 2 months. When the employee entered the country on the basis of the employment visa the sponsoring company should arrange to complete the formalities of his residence stamping. It is the preliminary stage to arrange for the health card and medical fitness examination for the employee from a government health center. The employee must undergo for a medical test and obtain a medical certificate. Once the medical certificate is issued by the health department an application for Labour Card should be submitted to the Ministry of Labour & Social Affairs within 30 days of the employees entry into the country. The next step is to submit the application to Immigration Department for stamping the residency on employee's passport. All the above formalities should be completed within 60 days of the arrival of the employee in UAE.

    Immigration requirements for new entities in UAE
    It is a mandatory requirement to register a new company's name with Immigration Department and the Ministry of Labour & Social Affairs. Since most of the companies recruit their employees from abroad it needs to register a file at the Ministry of Labour & Social Affairs and Immigration Department once they received their trade license. Without registering with both these departments an entity cannot employ its staff.
    Upon registering the company/entity shall be issued a registration card from Ministry of Labour & Social Affairs called 'Establishment/Labour Card'. The card issued by Immigration Department is called 'Establishment/Immigration Card'. All the visa applications submitted to both the departments should be accompanied with copy of the above 'Cards”.
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    Residency Visa

    Do we have to pay for the residency visa that comes with the apartments?
  3. alsh82

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    Yes you have to pay about AED. 7000 for residence visa and 10,000 (refundable) for kins,
    2ndly you are bound not to work on your resident visa there, for Employment you must have to get Employment/Permit Visa or investor visa for business(details are mentioned about them in the thread). You are free to ask any other question.
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    Medical checkup for Dubai residency permit

    Hi I am new here and am interested in going to Dubai for work. I believe my employer will be trasnferring me to Dubai soon. I understand that I need to obtain a work permit and subsequently a residency permit.

    There will be a medical checkup too - anyone has any idea on what is tested and how long is the whole process (esp those that have undergone thru the experience)?

    What is the rejection/failure criteria?

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    WorkerBee employment resident visa process takes 15 to 20 days medical checkup include blood test or some few physical test there is no rejections but no HIV/HEP or other serious medical problems. i hope you understand
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    medical testing in acquiring visa

    hi der!

    i am in the philippines and i am planning to work in dubai. i can't apply via agency here since i know i will fail medical exam, because of my hepa-b. meron bang filipinos experiencing this kind but now in dubai permanently? my other option is to apply on visit visa or direct hire from dubai to philippines. once i apply for visit visa here in the philippines or process papers on direct hire by employer in dubai, should i also undergo medical exam? if yes, dont i have a chance of going abroad? if no, then what will my ststus be if i reach dubai airport? i read that in dubai or any mid east airpost pa lng, they know because of a hightech machine whether a person has this case. is this tru? and if this is not tru and from the airport they will not know that i have hepa-b, once i applied for work in dubai, what life is there for me? will the employer send me back to the philippines because i have hepa-b? should i undergo hepa b testing or just complte blood count (cbc) and they will not determine my hepa-b?

    pls help i need ur advise, since i want 2look for my opportunity abroad.

    god bless
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    Please Help Me

    I am in dubai by visit visa, and during my stay I found an establishment with a job for me. The owner issued for me work visa valid for 2 months. I found after the first 2 weeks that I do not like to work for him, and I am afraid to have a residence under his name. What I should do to solve this problem? He said that he can ban me from comming to dubai ever. I need to know please how I can get my neck out of his hands! DO I have to pay him? or the goverment? What consequenses if I refuse to work with him? Please It is very urgent.
    Thank you
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    No problem get your passport and find another job
  9. rudy

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    Thanks but what if the owner do not want to give me the passport back, and he is threatining me that he will ban me from dubai forever, and want me to pay expenses. What shall i do? Will the immigration department help me in this? what consequenses will accumulate?
  10. georgihh

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    He can put a ban for 6 months if you have a contract.
    He can put long ban if he opens a case against you.
    To avoid this you need to report him first before he does so.
    I am afraid the expenses you need to pay as you hardly work for him
    The best is finish your 2 months pay him the expenses and go.
    In this country you can buy any ban back
    For example 6 months ban is 5000 DHS
  11. rudy

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    thx a lot for the useful info georgihh.
    i think its the best thing to do.
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    I am a resident of India and am currently earning a living via investing in stock markets. I was looking at migrating to Dubai as it was tax free and my work is portable. Can anyone tell me which visa I will need, duration, costs etc. Thanks in advance.
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    Rudy - NO ONE is entitled to 'hold' your passport indefinitely! Ask for the return of your passport - if the owner refuses - 1st - contact your embassy and ask them for advice in regard to an employer that has taken your passport and refused to return it, - 2nd - if you call the police - they will come to the office and tell the employer to return it.

    You can only be 'held by the throat' if you allow someone to put their hands there!
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    Investor Visa

    Could some please elaborate on Investor visa?

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