Victory Tax Service Provides easy way for Online Tax Preparation

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Welcome to Victoryforme. We Provide World Class Service in Free Online Tax Preparation (Online Tax Filing). You can Easily Tax Your File through FREE Electronic Tax Filing and you can get Rapid Refund with Online Tax Filing. Most of them may also qualify for faster refund using Victory’s Rapid Anticipation Loan service. You can pay your Tax Online easily through Victory Online Tax Preparation Flexibily.
Easy Online Tax Preparation
Complete a short form
E-file your return with a click of a mouse
And get your refund fast!


Victory tax preparation is precise and secured questionnaire based user friendly software for individual taxpayers, whereby one can get their return reviewed and verify by CPA.
The software provides Exact and Easy to understand guidelines for efiling tax returns. The software guides the user at every step making efiling of returns an absolutely simple process. Rapid Tax Gain has been developed by Tax Professionals for Tax Professionals. Our company is approved by for official e-filing of your return online. It is an online taxation package providing different modules for the customer at large. We are also providing the online customer support as well as e-file facility.
You can select the tax advisor from our side who are affiliated with us.
Tax advisor will review your return and e-file the same within specified time limit.
Victory online tax preparation provides you two different calculators. EIC Calculator helps you in knowing your eligibility for EIC credit with the amount of credit you can claim on your tax return. While Tax Estimator helps you in knowing your estimated tax or refund.

Victoryforme - Online Tax Service, used for the FREE Tax Preparation
Free e-file
Free State Return
Rapid Tax Refund
No Hidden Cost
24X7 Chat Suppor
Easy and Economical

Online Tax Preparation Services.
User friendly Online Tax Services for individual Income Tax Return Preparation for Federal and State Income Taxes.
Victoryforme is a privately-owned company offering tax preparers comprehensive online tax preparation and filing. Our purpose is to bring quality, low cost electronic tax filing services to tax preparers through the Internet.
Founder of Victoryforme, Rene Altervain, is a financial consultant and entrepreneur with over 30 years of business experience. His consulting firm provides small businesses with vital financial services usually only available to major industries – services that are generally beyond the financial reach of small or start-up companies. It was a logical extension to provide tax preparers affordable online tax preparation and filing. While other sites also provide online tax preparation, Victoryforme offers tax preparers low-cost professional reviews of tax returns as well.
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Our plan at Victoryforme is to continue to offer superior online tax preparation services at very reasonable price, year after year. This provides an advantage to the returning tax preparers, in that you can save time by reusing the information provided in previous years.
We recognize that our success depends on the tax preparers satisfaction. So, please pass this information about Victoryforme and our web address along to your friends. We also enjoy hearing from you. You can email your comments to Victoryforme - Online Tax Service, used for the FREE Tax Preparation you for your support of Victoryforme
Online tax filing works for our clients. That’s why in 2007 over 20 million people filed their taxes from the comfort of their own computers! Everyone can do it. Simple forms to fill, plus our advanced software does most of the work automatically.
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