Very Interested in Egypt



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Hi Folks.

I have really just started taking a look at Egypt as an area to take a punt and I have seen many very impressive looking resorts and developments within them - Marsa Allam, Hurghurda, Sharm El Sheikh, Port Ghalib, Sahl Hashheesh etc.

The only concern I have at the moment is that there maybe too many resorts , and therefore hotels/apartments, within Egypt all now chasing the same tourist dollar. I have been trying to get some stats together on the Egyptian tourist industry to allay such fears. I do not know what restrictions, if any, the Egyptian government is placing on tourist build.

If anyone as any info on the above it would be greatly received.




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All I would add is that think very carefully before buying in Egypt and really do the research. You've only to read through some of the threads here on the different developments, to see the problems that have arisen. The legal system is not totally transparent and some developers have been known to make promises that are later broken. The upside of this though, is it's obviously one of the reasons that buying here is as cheap as it is!

I should also add that there are many exceptions!

This forum is invaluable for advice (though doesn't take the place of your own research of course :)) and will help you with your decision over which development is right for you. I'm probably being too negative after getting burnt a few times but it hasn't put me off! I still feel that there's a lot of opportunities for investment in the region - even better if you want to use the property for holidays for yourself.

I'd suggest that you have a look at the threads on the various developments, ask questions of the members that have bought there and use their advice as part of the research process. There will be good and not so good comments but you'll be able to balance the views and form your own opinion of course.

You'll find the members here to be extremely helpful and in my opinion, you won't find a forum more friendly.

If you've any specific questions either Alison (queenie40something) or myself will be more than happy to point you in the right direction. Alison by the way, is something of an expert on Egypt - Sharm in particular.

Very best wishes and welcome to Totally Property