Value of Building in Bangkok?



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I have a client interested in leasing some office space in Bangkok, perhaps an entire floor in a commercial building. I would like to have a good idea as to what the costs are per square meter in the downtown Silom area. Where can I find this type of information, to make myself more knowledgeable?

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Your best bet would be do do a google search using terms like
"commercial real estate, Silom, Bangkok.
You'll find a list of Google's top ranked commercial real estate firms.
From there you can refine your search.
Try some the bigger firms like CB Richard Ellis.
Contact a few of them and pose the same question and compare responses.

You may get some suggested links here on this site but some of them will be from firms trying to promote themselves...asking a question...then providing the answer.
If you do rely on links provided by posters, check to see how long they've been a member and how many posts they've had. If the responder has recentlhy joined and has only one or two posts, be cautious.