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Discussion in 'Development' started by kchiggs, Nov 26, 2017.

  1. kchiggs

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    I have large database of property leads (in nottingham) for brownfield land. CSV and overlay on google maps giving, a good idea of size, location. As well I can relative easily convert into postal addresses and get detail from land registry. What is the value of one lead? (individual site could be viable for anything between 1-100 properties)
  2. lookinginvest

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    Brownfield sites was a subject covered in the recent budget - the government is going to make more brownfield sites available. I would try to utlise your database as quickly as possible as there will be many more people with the same idea as you in the months ahead. As far as the value of a lead - it depends on the quality and what someone is willing to pay.

    You could go down the selective route and charge more or simply sell the whole database time and time again to those looking for leads, at a reduced price.
  3. kchiggs

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    I know that is what I'm trying to do. Although I've been trying to flog it for ages (Facebook property developers group,craigslist,ebay) maybe in the wrong places. Responses I got are. How would I use this? (Well if they don't know probably not developers, don't know how to value it. ) You should tie up the leads then sell those(I don't want to, I'd rather get someone else invest that time and get money)

    Not sure, what you mean by selective route(exclusive?) that's what I am trying to at a reduced price is interesting, but seems like more work/costs (advertising etc)
  4. nmb

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    I think he meant selective as in pulling out specific groups of leads and selling them that way? E.g. geographical areas, types of lead, etc.
  5. kchiggs

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    Types are all the same, I guess I could look into smaller areas of Nottingham.
  6. kchiggs

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    I've decided to give them away not worth the hassle.
    Brownfield opportunities in Nottingham

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  7. nmb

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    Crazy that you are giving away potentially valuable information and there only two downloads, one of which is mine!
  8. diyhelp

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    Maybe you should have asked for a relatively small percentage of any developments undertaken as a consequence of your leads. Individually this would be relatively small amounts but cumulatively, who knows?
  9. kchiggs

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    Nice thought however
    a) that requires honesty from the buyer
    or b) time and money I don't have to contact and tie up the leads as off plan
    c) if people don't want them for free, I wouldnt have made much
    D) there also the cost to decide these to human readable.
    E) at least this way I can write them off as showcasing my data visualisation skills.
    g) I can always be hired to get more :)
  10. kchiggs

    kchiggs Member

    I was the other one as a test. o_O

    I thought property developers were just cheap but apparently not.
  11. nmb

    nmb Well-Known Member

    I was going to say we have the old problem where if you give something away for free people get suspicious and think it is worthless, but if you charge they think they are getting something tangible - but you have tried both with no luck!

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