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Utility bills for rented apartment

Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by tracey122, Dec 4, 2008.

  1. tracey122

    tracey122 New Member

    I am in the process of completing on an apartment and I have a question about the utility bills. I have to as part of the handover signup/setup with EMPower, this is a mandatory requirement before Damac will handover the keys but there is also DEWA and connection to Shield Gas which is the mandatory supplier to the developent. These 2 it seems you can sign up to after but EMPower has to be done before.

    My question is I intend to rent the apartment out so at no point will be living there so won't be using any gas, water etc do I still need to sign up with all the utility companies? Is this something I have to do in Dubai as the owner even though I am not going to live there? Can I just leave it with the other 2 suppliers and then when a tenant eventually moves in they setup and create accounts with those 2 and with EMPower it just gets swapped to them?
  2. zombie

    zombie New Member

    The tenant will have to get the DEWA connection in his name, Gas I am not sure but that too should be done by the tenant.

    EmPower supplies the chilled water for the Central A/c System to work, so that will be on your account as the landlord.
  3. tracey122

    tracey122 New Member

    Hi, thanks for the reply Zombie but can you clarify what you mean by

    'EmPower supplies the chilled water for the Central A/c System to work, so that will be on your account as the landlord. '

    Does this mean the account will be in my name as a Landlord but when a tenent moves in they will be added to out account as the tenent and be the payee of the usgage under that account?

    Does that make sense!!!

    So basically I don't have setup an account at all with DEWA and possibly the gas company to as the tenant will do it so in regards to those they stay disconnected until eventually a tenent moves in.

    Just trying to get it all straight in my head!!
  4. zombie

    zombie New Member

    Tracey am not familiar with the billing system for the district cooling, as you said since it is the tenant who used it, he/she must pay for it, you can certainly pass that cost along with a mention in the tenancy contract.(In case the bill comes in your name rather than the tenants)

    DEWA & GAS will be on tenants account, they must set up new accounts with both when they first move in & clear their dues at the time of vacating the apt., providing you with original letters of clearance(Final Bill & settlement).
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