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Usa Property From 100.000 Us Dollars, 50k Sterling, Florida

Discussion in 'North America - Real Estate For Sale in North Amer' started by DC, Jan 10, 2008.

  1. DC

    DC Member

    From our US Partner we got this today -

    Anyway, we can get homes now on short sale they call it as low as 100K only 1 year old, never lived in. On a main street but who cares at that price.
    For 150K you get a nice home now.
    For 200K you get with pool and on canal
    For 300K you get in a wealthy neighborhood.
    for 500K you get with straight access to gulf of mexico (used to be at 750K and up)
    With the strong Euro, the 100K home should be a good advertisement, right? YOu can get a monthly rent of $800-$850 for such a home.
    Let me know and I will get some details to you.
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