UK sees rise in popularity of fixed rate mortgages

Nicholas Wallwork

Nicholas Wallwork

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A rise in standard variable rates from a number of lenders has led to an increase in the popularity of fixed rate mortgages with home buyers in the UK, it is claimed. Just Mortgages, which is part of independent estate agency group Spicerhaart, has seen the number of fixed rate mortgages that they have arranged [...]

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TurnKey Landlords

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An interesting, particularly (to me, at any rate) the increase in BTL borrowers turning to short-term fixed rates. I suspect the usual case of investors regularly remortgaging to capitalise upon the best deals remains, but fixed term has simply become more competitive than variable for this purpose.

I think a small percentage expect short-term capital gains for a 'quick turnaround' business, however, especially in the South East, where house prices have shown a more stable rise.

Of note is the seemingly now firm assumption that the BBR can only go up. I don't think a drop to 0.25% is still completely out of the question, but I suppose time will tell. 2013 is going to be an interesting year...