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    Is this to advertise and sell on this forum or do you in general within the UK?

    I can't advise on advertising or selling within the forum as I don't know myself, but within the UK market, the sale of your property all depends on the seller and how 'easy' you want it.

    If you want an easy life and to not do much, get in some local agents, select the one you think is the best for the job and have them market and sell your property.

    If you want to save yourself fee's then privately advertising is becoming more popular, Gumtree, private ads within the Property section of your local newspaper, etc will get interest. If going through an online route though, remember to make the photos as good as possible, best features, light, tidy, etc as its the photos that will attract the buyer to come and see.

    I'd also suggest eBay but only use it as a marketing tool and NOT for the sale itself and ensure you make that clear within the description.

    NOTE: I'd also try to refrain from posting duplicate posts in multiple threads, especially ones like this that are years old :top:
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    Hi Barny,

    I was referring to the UK in general. Thank you very much for the advice.
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    It is also against the etiquette of forums to take threads off topic.

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