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Hi all,

I am fairly new to this forum and property investment as a whole, having begun my journey in the last six months. I haven’t posted before but am a keen reader on here and have found it a very helpful resource in understanding the property market. After exchanging my first investment property earlier in the year, I thought I would share my experience with a company that has shed some light on the property market and completely guided me through this uncertain time.

Just before the new year I was referred to a property developer by a fellow investor, who had purchased a property from them last year, with incredibly exciting potential. He had seen a huge rise in the value of his property over the last quarter of 2019, which sparked my interest and provoked me to get in touch.

From the offset I was introduced to the teams sales director, who took a great deal of time in understanding my situation, and explaining in absolute detail exactly what it is they do, and how I can achieve what I had set out to. This was before the Covid-19 situation had completely stopped all forms of business meetings, and so I had a thorough, 2-hour long strategy meeting where we spoke about location, returns, investment and future steps.

After completing the purchase of the property in the beginning of February, it became quickly apparent that finding a tenant would be increasingly difficult over the following weeks, with lockdown in full effect by early March, I was unable to locate a tenant to move in and provide me with the income I needed to ensure mortgage payments were met. After speaking with the company and expressing my difficulties, I was shocked to hear them offer to cover the first month of rent as a good will gesture for purchasing through them in these difficult times. They strongly believed that the property market would recover quickly and covered my losses for the month that I was unable to obtain a tenant. They then spent the month tirelessly looking for a tenant to move in, with success. This to me was a sign that this company really took pride in its service for their customers, with an aftersales care as good as this, I will definitely be looking to work closely with them again in the future.

I wouldn’t usually explain my experience with a company that I have worked with to this extent, but the genuine pleasure it was to work with them had me completely obliged to do so. The process was seamless, they helped me from start until finish and the communication was excellent despite being on lockdown. I look forward to working with them again in the future. I would thoroughly recommend anyone who is looking to find out more about how Covid-19 is impacting the property market and how to navigate it, to get in touch with them, or if you’d like I’d be more than happy to talk with you to explain my experience further.