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Zubair Chaudhry

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Im just after a little basic information for my mother in law.

She lives in a property that was purchased by her late husband. She lived in the property before and after marriage up until her husband passed away in 1999. My mother in law continued to pay the mortgage on the property (which was fully paid many years ago) and still resides there. She has 2 young children aged 6 and 12 as well as an older daughter who is 16 who reside with her. The children from her late husband have all moved away but remain in contact with her.

Her health has recently taken a turn for the worse and she s struggling financially. She wishes to sell up and move into rented accomodation.

However, it has been discovered that when her late husband purchased the property, it was purchased in his sisters name. She nor anyone else has never had any contact with her and neither do they know if she still lives.

All these years my mother in law thought that the property belonged to her husband and would naturally be passed on to her in the event of his death. However she is now at a loss as to where she stands with this as she has no title deeds and feels that she paid the mortgage (after the death of her husband) for no gain whatsoever.

As far as i am aware there was no will and no instructions left by her late husband in regards to the property in question. She has not attempted to change the title to the deeds in any way before now. In fact she is worried that if she attempts to do so now that it will open a can of worms she could do without.

I realise she will probably need to seek legal advice on where she stands but wondered if anyone might have some basic information that i may pass on to her.

Many thanks in advance.


Is that similar to squatters rights in that she has been paying the mortgage on the property with no input or contact with the "owner"?


Does anyone know how many cases of adverse possession there are in the UK each year?