UK landlords offering longer more stable tenancies, survey shows

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UK private rental sector landlords are providing their tenants with stable long term tenancies as people shift away from home ownership toward more flexible forms of accommodation, according to research from the National Landlords Association (NLA). The findings, from the NLA’s latest quarterly Landlord Panel, show that 54% of tenancies now last between two and [...]

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A new survey shows more landlords within the private rental sector are offering long term tenancies. Survey reveals that 54% of tenancies last for two or even three years, while 32% last longer than four years. The report also found 12% of tenancies continued for more than five years, and that the average void period is a little over two months, at 69 days. Longer term tenancies are becoming more necessary as increasing numbers of people are choosing to rent for the adaptability it offers. Being able to rent for a longer time gives tenants additional stability while still retaining flexibility. Longer term tenancies are certainly a good thing for landlords, provided the tenant is good, as it helps avoid void periods. You can find some excellent rental properties in London, the most happening city of UK.


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Landlords and renters should have the flexibility to rent for the period that suits the parties concerned. We don't want nor is it necessary for legislation to interfere in this regard. The HA 1996 dispensed with the requirement for the minimum 6-month rule and as consequences of this, the parts have been able to rent for shorter periods.

How long some tenancies last is not relevant to this debate. I agree with the stance the British Landlords Association (The BLA) have taken on this issue.