UK government looking to control BTL market?

Discussion in 'Buy-to-Let Property Investment' started by realdeals, Sep 2, 2017.

  1. realdeals

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    Many people believe that the UK government is trying to tighten its grip on the BTL market with higher charges and an ever growing list of regulations. It looks as though we are headed for small number of BTL investors dominating the market which in turn can be controlled by the government. Inevitably this will lead to higher taxes and charges for BTL investors - all at a time when demand for rental properties in the UK is mushrooming and likely to do so for many years to come. Madness?
  2. Veronica

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    BTL investors have for several years now been snapping up everything that is affordable making it harder for young couples to get a foot on the ladder to owning their own home. No wonder demand for rentals is mushrooming when greedy investors make it impossible for young people to buy. It is high time it was made a little harder for BTL landlords to keep dominating and pricing young people out of the market.
  3. Longterminvestor

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    Was the damage for first time buyers not done many years ago back in the 1980s when the government sold off masses of social housing (the right to buy scheme) forcing many families into private rental accommodation. Then we saw the rise in demand for private rental properties?
  4. diyhelp

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    While I appreciate the comments from Veronica, if the natural supply for rental property is not there then investors will step up to the plate. While selling off social housing in the 1980s did kickstart a housing revolution in the UK, first time buyers today are paying the price.

    It is a vicious circle, singles/couples cant afford to buy so they rent, BTL investors buy to fulfil rental demand and prices are pushed higher and so we go around again.
  5. Longterminvestor

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    Do you see a point when rental yields will fall?
  6. DanielLatto

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    I think it was always going to be an issue as the masses really seem to feel that property is controlled by a few very rich people.

    Obviously, as buy to let investors, we know how expensive it can be being a landlord, but trying telling the tenants that.

    Some landlords will decide to leave the market and others will keep on going - there's just too many factors to know ultimately how it will all play out.

    I'm in it for the long term of course (20 years so far) and expect at least another 20 !

    Daniel Latto
  7. lookinginvest

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    Too many people think the BTL market is an easy way to riches when it takes time, effort and money. Those looking for a quick profit are the ones who will leave the market.
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  9. realdeals

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    The government will need to release brownfield sites for development (with tax breaks for the cleanup costs?) and some greenfield sites in due course.

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