UK buy to let investors switching from private rental to holiday lets



At least prior to the coronavirus pandemic, the regulations covering holiday lets were very different to those covering the private rental market. Whether these regulations converge in the future remains to be seen there are distinct differences. On the whole, the way things are going, holiday lets would seem to be more attractive. Especially when you bear in mind the switch in trend to so-called staycations.


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I have holiday lets and buy to lets. I can honestly say that it's not clear cut, which one is better

Holiday let yields are higher, but you also need to pay all of the bills yourself. You also don't have the security of long term tenant in place.

For me the biggest benefit of a holiday let, is that my place is kept in good condition. I have a management company that cleans the property between each guest stay. This prevents my property falling into disrepair, as happens to so many but to let properties

In terms of the covid impact, guest rates have fallen a lot. But that matches the private rental market too