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U.S Dollar ($) strength increases price of Dubai properties

Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by M.O.B, Aug 15, 2008.

  1. M.O.B

    M.O.B New Member

    This thread is just to let potential foreign investors who may not be aware that the US Dollar ($) has gained strength against the GBP Pound (£), Euro and many other currencies over the last few days. The UAE currency is currently pegged $1 = 3.67AED. The dollar is also forecast to strengthen further over the next few months.

    Therefore any property prices you may have seen last week in AED will now cost more in Pounds and Euros etc.

    For those who have already placed deposits unless you have a fixed rate forward contract in place with your currency supplier expect to pay more for your next instalment than you originally calculated.

    For example a Brit who wishes to buy a property he saw on the market last week Wednesday 06/08/08 for AED 1,000,000 ($272,479) would have paid £139,082. However at todays rate 15/08/08 they would pay £145,772 thats £6,690 more in the space of a week. Im sure those who have already bought have a smile on their faces.

    Anyway my point is it might be worth getting a forward contract now so you know for sure what you will be paying for your property.


  2. Roshan

    Roshan New Member

    Good piece of info with a nice example.


  3. suas5

    suas5 New Member

    Hey M.O.B ,

    i am impressed but the practical evaluation of the monetary wizardry you have presented and informed the forum members ,it is so logical and helpfull.

  4. M.O.B

    M.O.B New Member

    Thank you, I am a genius and also real estate agent and mortgage broker in the UK and am use to breaking things down to help customers understand. Whether it be for return yields, mortgage calculations, growth or simply whether they will make money or not.
    Last edited: Aug 15, 2008
  5. Roshan

    Roshan New Member

    Makes sense. I always use a mortgage calculator to analyse a project, to see whether I will make money on the investment or not. Let me tell you, it has not failed me on any investments I have made so far.

    These additional tools as you said breaks down the complex issue to something which can be easily understood.


  6. ezste

    ezste New Member

    I think anyone that needs to be told about the strengthening dollar really needs to stop what they are doing and re-look at the whole thing again... I say this simply cause if they are this lapse on the exchange rate then they are prob going to mirror this along other aspects of the process - like what and where shall I buy - and from who & at what price... so if this is useful for you - good - but then just take time out and get someone to check out what you are doing!
  7. M.O.B

    M.O.B New Member

    Not everyone is a seasoned property investor or are confident and understand calculations that may affect the value of their money or investments. This is why I donated my time to these people. So give them a break mate.
  8. Wannaberich

    Wannaberich New Member

    Although the pound and euro are weakening against the dollar,I don't think its too late to buy in Dubai and make some money over the next 18 months.
    Anyone who forward books their dirhams can make money both on the rising property prices plus the strengthening of the pound.If its true that the dollar gets to $1.55 against the pound as I;ve read is possible than this makes a huge difference.
    It will be interesting to see what the effect will be on the amount of investors from Europe.
    A decline would I imagine see a drop in prices in Dubai.
    However,its the wrong time to invest in property in the UK especially so even with a weak pound there should still be those looking to buy in Dubai.
  9. M.O.B

    M.O.B New Member

    I completely agree with you I actually sell property in the UK (more like trying to sell in the last 5 months) and this has been the worst market ive worked in for the last 5 years ive been working as real estate broker. Money is to be made abroad and I personally still think Dubai is a safe bet and like you said taking advantage of a forward contract may even benefit you more if the dollar continues to gain strength.
  10. iced

    iced New Member

    With all the uncertainty in the world probably the best thing is to do is hold on to your money and wait for prices to fall, see if you still have a job and make sure that you dont lose your existing home. Not a good time for investing overseas if you are in the UK.
  11. georgihh

    georgihh New Member

    Uk , Europe, Russia, Pakistan are more or less 50% of investors in Dubai
    With their currencies losing as much as 20% by the end of the year expect big effect in the local market. On the other hand all those people if already bought will try sell and increase the profit by 20% from the rate exchange.
    If the $ earns another 5-10% expect surprises in Dubai.
    If I have a one bedroom in Greens I will sell it for 200k pounds and will by a nice detached house in Uk (maybe with a little more extra cash).
    The dollar strength could be a big problem
  12. ezste

    ezste New Member

    Hey MOB - i'm with you. Your advice is accurate, good and thoughtful. I am not having 'a go' at any one - quite the opposite - i'm wanting to protect 'them' from making a blind leap of faith on the basis that 'this market only goes up'. I welcome all to get involved - for those of us with units there then it only does us good for more folk to buy - but i dont want to be making extra profit on the back of 'investors' that spend money without really knowing what they are doing - so my point is - if the valid point you make regard the dollar is 'useful' to anyone - then my advice was, & is, just to step back, take a moment, take further advice, because there are lots of things to consider and if you havent considered the exchange rate, my hallucination is that there are other equally key things you may have overlooked too - sorry if it sounded harsh.. it is wasnt meant to be.. but i think it is equally valid and thoughtful
  13. iced

    iced New Member

    The dollar strength will definitely be a disincentive for foriegners to buy. The other problem is delays in project deliveries along with dodgy developers creating bad press. The current high prices along with future oversupply if units are delivered should mean slowing prices which is good news for a stable market
  14. georgihh

    georgihh New Member

    Yes market will stabilize but who wants to pay 20000 DHS per year for a cooling water for a small studio under the power grids in DG. On top of that you still need to pay water, electricity, service charges and whatever the greatest developer Nakheel might think of. Guys (only the descent buyers) the game is over they are taking the piss out of us
  15. PropGuy

    PropGuy New Member

    Dollar is oversold, and it should start to come down soon. Markets normally move with sentiments and emontions. US economy is going down and $ is moving up, $ rally is not backed by any economic fundamentals. As usual analysts are trying to explain this move with varied explanations. Personally, I see a reaction to the elections.

    Whenever something new is coming on its way, all get hopeful. Markets are hopeful about obama's anti-war and boost the economy speeches. But once they come to understand that, he is pretty much an ordinary successor of Bush... with no magic wand to repair the damaged and badly bruised US economy.... All hopes will go into garbage bin, and money will move out of $ and into alternative investments (Euro, gold, real estate, foreign countries, etc...).

    A picture is worth thousand words:

    This huge bailout and $ supply will take a toll on the price of $ sooner or later, and $ will see the sharpest drop in its value. Inflation will skyrocket in all the countries pegged with $.

    Elections and Paulson's bailout of Fannie and Freddie has caused a temporary rally in the US$ market, but it has serious and fundamental flaws that will play into market sentiments soon.

    If anybody interested in more detailed information read the following article Hank Paulson's Fannie Gamble -

    Ron Paul is right on the money too: YouTube - Ron Paul on the Housing Bill
    Last edited: Aug 16, 2008
  16. georgihh

    georgihh New Member

    Never mind my friend as far as $ brings the Dubai prices down as much as they need to be and safe a lots of innocent people investing in Dubai I am OK.
    People are comparing HK with Dubai hold on guys HK is well established and back up by China and Uk
    Dubai is a baby and the baby needs milk and if the mother is dry where we go?
  17. PropGuy

    PropGuy New Member

    Actually, it is the other way around.

    First, US$ will push the property prices up in 2010 as I see a sharp fall in price of US$ around that time. US$ and commodities have inverse relationship.

    Second, HK and Singapore are mature economies, they don't have more room for growth. Dubai is a baby and more potential for growth. Price go higher in the growing economies rather than matured economies. Prices in HK are twice as high as Dubai, so there is lot of room for growth in Dubai.

    Third, Dubai is biding for Olympics and any good news on the bid would feed the bulls in Dubai property market and prevent any fall in the property prices... at least until the Dubai Olympics.

    There are lot of things going in the favor of Dubai property market. Before city escape, people should start to see rise in property prices again... summer is as usual slow.

    Actually, there has been increase in July since people are returning: Mazaya Realestate Index

    It is better than expected. August will see higher rise than July then sharp rise in Sept and Oct. Numbers in growth are compareable to previous figures. Summer normally takes a dip then rise starts.

    I doubt property prices coming down until 2010 even if they come down.
    Last edited: Aug 16, 2008
  18. georgihh

    georgihh New Member

    1 $ has reached the peak 1.60 to the euro is the max – do you think Americans are stupid or they will stop controlling the world
    2 I don’t agree the prices are double in HK almost the same
    3 Do you think somebody will come and run 42 kilometers in mid august in Dubai – this is not possible and will never happen. Olympic Games are a sport event for the people and needs reasonable environments to participate in. On top of that who is going to watch the Olympics the Camels or the workers from India and Pakistan.
    If you tell me they might bid for winter Olympic games is more believable than the story of the summer Olympic
  19. PropGuy

    PropGuy New Member

    That is not peak, that was low. Peak is at the moment at 1.46 to Euro. It is expected start to fall again.

    As for the rest (2 & 3), research on the topic, answers are already available.
  20. georgihh

    georgihh New Member

    All my postSs are not for you but for descent investors.
    I know they want everything in Dubai but Olympics is Olympics and unless the world doesn’t go mad nobody will try to kick the ball with outside temperature of 50c and humidity above the normal levels.
    I know Dubai and will tell you Olympics is not possible to happen in Dubai
    Or maybe when I reach my sixties they will call me to participate in a football game in Dubai Olympics in under see stadium with cool water chilling AC and grass on the sand and I need to apply for a tourist visa . Or maybe they will have a nice ski slope with 2000m run in the desert of RAK
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