Types of Title Deeds in Turkey

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    First: Land Titles Suitable for Reconstruction and Agricultural Land:

    These properties that are registered as empty plots that are valid or unfit for construction. This piece of land must be located within an area included by the reconstruction plan to acquire the status of the land for reconstruction. However, acquiring the status of the land does not mean constructing a building. Organizing a project and taking the building permit on of this piece. It is necessary to consider and check the municipality concerned about the status of the reconstruction of the area and the extracting diameter of reconstruction as part of the reconstruction plan. The piece may be located on the road or dedicated to a public park or a green area and the like. The properties which are described as a field, is land Agricultural land, but sometimes the land or the piece registered in the title document may be an agricultural land that has been granted the status of reconstruction due to a change in the reconstruction plan in the area, while remaining in the title document as agricultural land due to the lack of review to change the type of the property. In these cases, information should be acquired by the concerned municipalities.

    Second: Building’s Titles:

    In this type of title documents, the main public property information is mentioned, without mentioning the private information related to the independent sections of the property. This means that the property is registered as a single unit that is not divided into separated sections, such as independent houses, sheds, warehouses, factories and similar buildings.

    Third: Real Estate Easements:
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    Are bonds for Registering the ownership right of real estate after the final completion of its establishment and appoints the independent sections in it with the approval of the use of each section separately, and each section is arranged for the full title proving the ownership of the owner of the bond to the independent section in the mentioned building.

    The title deeds and easements are different from those of agricultural land and land suitable for reconstruction in terms of the information contained therein. These documents include the apartment number or the independent section and its location in the building and its share of the land on which the building is to be built. In the absence of such information in this title deed Means that the property in question has not yet obtained full title or real estate easement. If, however, the independent section number, location, land share and other information about it are mentioned, and its type is it a block of apartments or villa or apartment This means that the property in question has been given full ownership rights, as this is defined by a reference in the title type section to full ownership or to easement property or transitional property.
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    To find out whether the property is subject to restrictions such as seizure, foreclosure, confiscation or the like, you should check the Land Registry Department and inquire there, where this is not indicated in the title deed.

    The real estate deed is based on the registration issued by the real estate registry. If the real estate registry or the real estate survey system does not contain this registration, the real estate bond has no value, although it is certified and signed. Every real estate deed not registered in the real estate registry is not recognized, so be careful in this matter, and do not make a mistake in buying a property in Turkey real estate without scrutiny of the validity of the bond or nullification, hence the importance of real estate consultancy in Turkey. Turkey real estate

    It is common that the contracts of sale and purchase in the offices of the Notary rely on the real estate bond, so you must verify the authenticity of the bond in the real estate departments before signing the contract and paying the property price, because finishing the contract in the notary public does not prove the validity of the real estate, The owner of the property may have sold the property to several people before that, because the seller is not obliged to give the old title to the title office after selling the property, and the loss of the title deed has no danger, as no one who find it can manage the real estate.
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