Turtle Bay, Belmonte


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A newsletter was sent out by Bernard Soultan at the end of 2020


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Good evening everybody,

Happy New Year to you all!

I want to share my feed back to this thread.
I was part of this project and development until probably 2010 but for professional reasons I left the company and took a different road.
Nevertheless I am in constant contact with the developers. I can understand the frustrations expressed but I am shocked to read the aggressiveness of the comments in this forum because they have no moral, legal or commercial base.
In 2009 we all dealt with a global crisis and there were numerous projects and developers who simply vanished or went bankrupt. Probably there were many “cons” and “schemes” between them. But many of them were simply victims of a global crash, without any premeditated “scheme”. And still they had to disappear without any solution. It is not the case with the founders of Turtle Bay. They have continued to fight for their project and regularily paid licenses renewal year after year yet not charging the the property with any encumbrance or mortgage. They kept their buyers updated with all changes or progress including devastating historical floods in 2010 that destroyed all the works initiated. Reason for them to invoke cause majeure and dissapear. But it is not the case. My understanding is that all buyers have been repeatedly invited to transfer title anytime they wished to make them feel more secure. Both Bernard SOULTAN and his business partner are working for years now on finding a solution for everybody, rather than simply dissolving the company and disappearing.
If any of you have not received updates, it is probably easier and more constructive to communicate, and make sure they have your updated email or contact rather than attacking and slander.
All buyers went though a legal adviser when signing the promissory contracts. Why not addressing your worries to your respective legal adviser rather than attacking personally B. Soultan and publishing here open threats towards him?
I can tell you that the latest update has been sent to all of you mid December this year 2020. You should have all received it.
I wish I could give you a solution but I am not in a position to do so as I am not part of this project or company for over a decade now.
Nonetheless as a professional and human, I know for sure that these threats and defamations will and could not bring any positive result. Worse, it could possibly jeopardize the whole project and any chances of rebound.
I suggest you contact the legal adviser through whom you signed your agreements with Turtle Bay and channel all your requests through them.

I wish all of you the best outcome in this matter and wish you stay safe in the middle of this pandemic.


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Hello everyone! I was also one of the unfortunate people to invest in this property many many years ago. I happened to be in the region this week and visited the property. There was a care taker present who seemed to think that plots starts selling only a few years ago and I saw a map which showed my plot as being available for sale. Did anyone manage to get more information after 2021 about what happened to our investment?
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