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Discussion in 'Brazil Property' started by horris100, Jan 20, 2011.

  1. horris100

    horris100 New Member

    Is there anyone out there who has invested in the Turtle Bay development in Belmonte ?
    If so, have you been provided with any information as to the status of the project in the last few months ?
    Best Regards
  2. psdr16

    psdr16 New Member


    Yes I invested in it. Latest I got was an email in March. The new Master Plan was approved by the Mayor of Belmonte. They are now waiting until the Environmental Protection Department has formally issued a positive report which was expected for April 2012. They believe works will be reactivated Q3 2012, so now. Although I've heard nothing to indicate works have started.

    Have you invested in it?

  3. horris100

    horris100 New Member

    Hi Pete,
    Thanks for the reply.
    Yes I did invest in the Turtle Bay, but have not even received the e-mail which you mentioned you had.
    I will try and track down why I didnt receive this.
    Have you had any further notes from the developer ?
    Did you, like me you invest by paying in installments based on how the development was proceeding ?
    As so much time has now elapsed, and reading the contract it menas that the final installment does not have to be made.
    Is that the way you understand it ?
  4. Matthew Jordan

    Matthew Jordan New Member

    Hi both,

    I invested in Turtle Bay. The latest information I have received states the development is now called Belmonte Bahia Beach Village. The development can be seen on the developers website 'Katz'. Also I have just found a link to the property consultants selling the development:


    Would be good to hear from you if you have also invested? Would be good to finally get something back out of the development.


  5. bipin patel

    bipin patel New Member

    I rang the Developer Bernard Soultan a couple of months ago for an update and he informed me that the 'first' phase was complete and the 'second' stage would commence and we shall get some news by march 2018.
  6. lynnepaul

    lynnepaul New Member

    We likewise are investors in the Turtle Bay project since Sept 2007. We have emailed Bernard many times over the past few years, but we are still non the wiser as to what is going on! By the way, the new name of the project is ' Belmonte Bahia Beach Village ".
    Any feedback I am sure, will be greatly received for all parties concerned. Paul.
  7. Deborah Harries

    Deborah Harries New Member


    This is an extract from the last email update I received in November 2018, but I have heard nothing since. Has any other investor received information about the progress this year suggested below?


    We reasonably expect to get an updated and reliable scheme in place around March 2019 i.e. after the local Summer break. We shall then be in a position to show substantial works progress and consequently to reactive marketing and sales on a solid base.

    Regards, Deborah
  8. Conleth Maenpaa

    Conleth Maenpaa New Member

    Hi, we have heard nothing at all in the last 2 years. I can’t seem to track anyone down or get any replies. Does anyone have any information at all? Any help would be fantastic.

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