Turkish parliament allows property sales to foreigners

Discussion in 'European Property' started by cece, Jul 3, 2008.

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    The New Sales Law passed from T.B.M.M. for foreigners

    The new sales law passed from T.B.M.M. for foreigners. As a new law foreigners can again buy a property in Turkey. The new law is waiting the signature of President Abdullah Gul.
    NEWS NEWS NEWS :) :) :)
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    I agree TH4S The new buying laws are coming in a few weeks so the potential buyers who will buy a residential property can wait for new laws.
    But for big investors I still advice to establish a company for taxations and to make buying and selling process faster.
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    The Turkish parliament general assembly approved late Thursday a government bill to allow the sale of property to foreigners following the annulment of a similar law by the Constitutional Court earlier this year.

    According to approved bill, foreigners and foreign companies will be able to purchase real estate up to 10 percent of areas in the zoning plan.

    Full story in the Turkey Herald online tourism new's,

    Turkish parliament allows property sales to foreigners
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    The new buying laws are coming in a few weeks,..?

    Did i not say ..There will be a very important announcement made very soon,

    The Turkish parliament general assembly approved late Thursday a government bill to allow the sale of property to foreigners,

    Sometimes it is diffucult for foreign people to understand Turkish Laws, the Turkey Herald make's it easy ..:D
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    President Abdullah Gul. isn't he the one they are trying to kick out, hope he signs first
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    paul-steve you are corect.

    Turkey's ruling AK Party, accused of plotting to establish an Islamic state, faces a battle for survival this week in a court case that could lead to an early parliamentary election.

    Turkey's AK party faces court battle for survival
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    It is not something easy to do.
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    Do tell us Why?
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    It is totally my view, Being a president of Turkey is equal to being powerful than many government executives. Anyway it is possible but little bit difficult. On the other hand we have a very powerful army and army has a power to take the management of the country.
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    Can someone cofirm this for me - namely that the reason for Turkey's on/off banning of sales to foreigners and foreign companies (in particular) is it's worries over Greeks and/or Kurds buying up lots of land and 'sneaking in the back door', to use a phrase. I remember being told by an agent near Bodrum that there are mainland areas within gunnery range of the nearest Greek island where homes cannot be bought or built. It's just a shame that this sort of paranoia then goes on to upset real foreign buyers who just want to make money from buying and selling Turkish property!
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    foreigners buying in Turkey

    I have been searching for a property with a bit of land and have made some enquiries on the various sites on the internet. I am looking for somethin approx 500 to 1000 sq m.
    how easy will it be to buy this and obtain military clearance?
    providing the deeds (tapu) is correct, are there any other factors i need to consider
    all help will be greatly appreciated
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    I think the new property laws only relate to the purchase of property and land over a certain - acres even. This law was bought in to prevent foreign investors in particular Israeli's buying uppockets of land close to the Syrian border me thinks.
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    It is good news that it allows the property investors like us to enter into the market of property in Turkey to buy some properties.

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