Turkish Holiday home purchase - unsure/concerned about the current political leanings

Discussion in 'Turkey property' started by TSL, Aug 1, 2014.

  1. TSL

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    Hi everyone, my family and I are thinking of purchasing a holiday villa in Kalkan but are unsure/concerned about the current political leanings/instability (do you see it as that?) in Turkey and any impact that would have in the medium to long term. I would love to hear your views on this. Thank you in advance!
  2. CkinTurkey

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    Hi TSL

    What a question! ..... I'm sure there is many a economist / commentator with a superb reply for you but it looks like you just got me lol.

    I'm not sure where your from or what the reporting of our country is but I can guess based on information coming back from my family in the UK.

    As i'm sure your aware our recent elections (why do i say our they don't let me vote) took prime minister Erdoğan to president. I wont go into personality but he is certainly a character!

    As much as some of his actions and words make me want to scream and shout the man has done alot for this country - esp with regards to economy and I believe he plans to continue this way. (but can we ever know).

    With regards to investment property, prices are still creeping up and the gov have recently reported amazing figures for foreign investment this year - Jan - Apr saw 1.26bil usd of real estate purchases a big rise from the same period last year. There's been a huge influx of sales from the Middle East esp.

    Therefore in my opinion its a sound country for investment. I've lived here permanently for just over a year, having youtube blocked for a while was annoying and at times I get frustrated when I see human rights not being the standard im used too but Turkey really is a developing country. My healthcare here is better than I've ever had at home. It's a secular country and is that clear. And defo safe. - Oh dear I'm digressing - is it clear I like living here?

    What's it like in Kalkan - I've never been but i've heard its really humid and popular commercially?

    Anyway Happy house hunting and holidaies CK.
  3. Jda

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    Hi TSL, I will not comment on the political situation as it's booming and my country seems to be the star for Middle Easterns now, I think Turkish series play a big role :)
    Kalkan is a very nice place, favourited by divers, it has beautiful bays..
  4. peter8

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    turkey seems unstable..........things can go wrong......I am unable to sell my property for over a year now...........
  5. CkinTurkey

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    As an economy Turkey is definitely not unstable. It's growing fast if you compare it too European markets and has been buoyant for a significant amount of years. You certainly can't say that the Government aren't working well to move forward. Eg the sheer number of infrastructure improvements & changes to law to aid FDI.

    However yes buying & selling property in Turkey without the right support can be risky and sadly things do go very wrong. But saying that the £'s of real estate purchases in the last few months are showing that it is possible to buy successfully an that sales are on the up.

    Peter8 Are you having specific problems with selling or just no interest? hopefully the recent increase in purchases will bring you good news.

  6. medseA

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    You will be fine in Kalkan... In any event you can safely swim to the Greek islands lol..

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