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Troubled marmooka city - ajman

Discussion in 'UAE Property' started by Heavenscent, Apr 25, 2009.

  1. Heavenscent

    Heavenscent New Member

    Highly unlikely that developments in Marmooka City will go ahead according to the National newspaper, Abu Dhabi, they have published several articles - see links below ... type in the search box ... marmooka city ajman

    There are investors based in all corners of the world - in most cases we will have a very difficult job in getting our rights and in some cases any of our money back.
    I urge all investors to take action and place complaints with the ARRA before its too late.
    This would not be the first time that Ajman has cancelled a development at a whim.
    The PKN resort was cancelled without a reason being published, the investors were given 8 days from newspaper publication to make their claims to the developer who according to the article would be solely responsible.
    Just like the visa situation, today yes / tomorrow no !
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  2. Fariba N

    Fariba N New Member


    My name is Fariba and I have invested in an apartment in Marmooka city in Ajman (Dream Tower). Under the ongoing circumstances I cannot help that I’m very worried about how and if the project will carry on. I would be grateful if anyone here who is in the same situation would contact me, and maybe we together can do something. Please contact me on [email protected].

    Best Regards
  3. Heavenscent

    Heavenscent New Member


    You should contact your developer because it doesnt look good for Marmooka

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