Travelling to Panama



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I thought I would post some thoughts on travelling to Panama.

Sadly there are no direct flights from the UK to Panama and the use of a Canoe could be a little sore on the old arms but I wanted to let you know how I travel to and from Panama and hopefully others that have been here will also comment.

I have traveled a few times to the UK from Panama and also into Spain. All though the journey was quite long i found it rather easy going.

I also have flown with Continental airlines that have a daily flight flight out of Panama International Airport at 10:00 AM 7 days a week. This flys direct into Newark Airport New York Flight time is approx 6 hrs.

I have time to lesuirly get through immigration and baggage control before heading to the next gate.

Because my family live outside Belfast I take a direct flight from Newark to Belfast International Airport that arrives daily at 9:00 the following day.

I have flown many times in the past to and from Gatwick to Orlando where i lived and if i didnt have a direct flight to Disney then I alaways ended up changing at Newark anyway. The difference in flight times is around 2.5 hrs extra.

It does seem that Newark is the hub that feeds Panama from all over Europe as a recently flwe from Barcelona back to Panama and i ended flying to Newark from Barca then on down to Panama.

Immigration at Panama has always been very simple and very freindly.

Remember your EU passport when stamped at immigration gives you a visa for 90 in Panama.

If anyone has flown any other route i would be interested to hear from them.