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Mr Ri

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I've been looking at the location of Mediterrania Saidia Marina and the likelihood of the sailors and boating community moving their vessels to the resort marina.

Does anyone know the travelling times from nearby ports?

For example from Spain to Mediterrania Saidia in a yacht or a cruiser.

The Soup Dragon

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I've asked three keen sailors this question (two I know and one from a forum.) All said an average sized boat would take a good 24 hours to travel from nearest ports in Spain. I feel that's more than most would want.


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As a keen sailor myself I can tell you that an average 40ft sailing yacht (ie one with sails) will travel at approx 7-10 knots (miles) per hour depending on the wind speed/direction. A motor yacht has a much bigger engine and can travel at faster speeds, up to 20 knots per hour.
So calculate the distance between the nearest port in Spain (malaga) and you have the answer.
By the way, most of the yachts I have seen in the marinas in Spain are motor yachts.
Don't know about 24 hours being an usual sailing time. Most sailors I know would take that in their stride. We will be sailing from Dublin to Malaga mid August on a sailing yacht. A distance of 1500 knots.
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